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Protecting workers from heat illness

Rising temperatures, rising risk: protecting your workforce from heat illness

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This on-demand webinar featuring BLR Senior Legal Editor Laura J. Brody provides the latest updates regarding heat stress. This information-packed, 20-minute webinar provides valuable information to ensure the safety of your employees as the heat rises.
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Rising temperatures, rising risk: protecting your workforce from heat illness

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Summer 2024 is predicted to be a hotter-than-average one, and the scorching temperatures expected can endanger outdoor and indoor workers alike. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), every year, over 170,000 work-related injuries and more than 2,000 deaths occur due to heat exposure in the United States alone. 

Several states have passed heat illness prevention regulations within the past couple of years, and now OSHA is working on developing a federal rule to cover indoor and outdoor work environments. As OSHA ramps up heat safety enforcement and launches new worker protection programs, remaining compliant with these regulations becomes even more important for employers. 

BLR Senior Legal Editor Laura Brody covers the topic of heat stress, focusing on recent regulatory activity related to occupational heat illness prevention.

Other learning objectives: 

  • Common heat related illnesses and industries most at risk
  • Recent federal and state regulatory updates
  • Tips for heat illness prevention in the workplace
  • How to remain compliant with heat stress regulations

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Rising temperatures, rising risk: protecting your workforce from heat illness

About the Speaker

Laura J. Brody

Laura J. Brody is a Senior Legal Editor for BLR's Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) publications, focusing on environmental topics such as air and stormwater permitting, as well as safety topics such as chemical hazards and electrical safety. Before joining BLR, Ms. Brody served as an Environmental Compliance Manager for a Johns Manville manufacturing facility in New Jersey, and previously as an Occupational Health & Safety Manager for the City of Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from Ursinus College and a Master of Environmental Studies degree with a concentration in Environmental Health from the University of Pennsylvania.