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EHS Hotline tool

EHS Hotline

Product Code: EHSHEROEH

Get thorough, personalized, plain-English answers to your most pressing questions.
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EHS Hotline

When you’re expected to be your organization’s resident authority on compliance, lean on your EHS Hotline for the confidence you need.

With BLR’s EHS Hotline, you can submit your burning questions and get quick, comprehensive responses from our in-house subject matter experts. Their plain-English responses provide real-world insights on federal and state regulations with links to regulatory interpretations, guidance documents, and directives as needed.

Eliminate any compliance uncertainties, and get reliable insights from industry experts with EHS Hotline.

Tackle compliance with confidence

  • Expedited answers to niche questions
  • Complex concepts made clear
  • Targeted guidance to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Easy access to expert insights

  • Ask up to five questions per month
  • In-depth responses, including resources and reference links
  • Notifications via email when your response is ready
  • In-house team of experts comprising attorneys and EHS industry professionals

Using their combined 100+ years of experience, BLR’s in-house environmental, health, and safety (EHS) experts answer all your pressing compliance questions. Our experts simplify the legalese so you can find and understand relevant regulations quicker and make informed decisions on compliance obligations.

Also available as part of an EHS Hero® subscription.

EHS Hero Subscription

Best-in-class tools powering today's EHS teams

BLR's industry-leading environment, health, and safety (EHS) management solution, EHS Hero®, is the most comprehensive compliance and management tool available on the market. We integrate configurable, easy-to-use workflow management tools with plain-language, expert-made compliance insights to help make your job easier.

Your trusted EHS resource    

Our combination of 45+ years of experience, in-house subject matter experts, and heroic customer service creates a solution you won't find anywhere else.

EHS Hero is a centralized hub for all your EHS needs:

  • Understanding federal and state regulatory requirements
  • Tracking leading and lagging indicators
  • Planning for the future of your organization
  • Relevant and comprehensive training materials
  • Mitigating risk, managing auditing, and optimizing workflows
  • Protecting your workers

Our scalable dashboard is perfect for the solo EHS professional or a robust EHS team.

Learn more about our EHS management and compliance tools here.