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Workplace Violence Beyond Active Shooter: It’s Time to Update Your Preparedness Training - On-Demand

Workplace Violence Beyond Active Shooter: It’s Time to Update Your Preparedness Training - On-Demand

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Workplace Violence Beyond Active Shooter: It’s Time to Update Your Preparedness Training - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

Length: 1 hour

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Join this webinar to understand what happens during a workplace violence threat, the necessary actions that are needed, and how to integrate communication, leadership, and training to mitigate threats.

With the rise in workplace violence across the country occurring as businesses and mass gatherings return to normalcy, it has become increasingly imperative that those tasked with managing safety expand their scope from response to prevention. The current expectation of all employers and businesses is to provide a safe and secure working

environment to their employees and all those who enter on to the property of the establishment. Failure to provide and fulfill this moral, ethical, and legal obligation from reasonable and foreseeable threats may result in liability to both the business and the key stakeholders. Furthermore, the potential for reputational damage as well as the disruption to operations may have long term financial and legal implications.

Join us on September 30th with workplace violence expert Doron Horowitz for an interactive webinar which explores the principles of safety and security in the workplace. These principles consist of understanding the importance of prevention based on best practices. Together with training, the development of policies, procedures and protocols, these best practices allow for businesses to better respond to, manage, and more importantly, recover from the majority of potential threats.

By attending this program, participants will:

  • Learn the importance of creating a culture of safety and security
  • Get an introduction to situational awareness
  • Understand what happens during a threat and the actions necessary to respond
  • Feel empowered, resilient, and acknowledge that what the individual does matters
  • Discover how having a plan, clear communications, and leadership together with training is the best and proven method to mitigate threats in the workplace

About Your Presenter

Doron HorowitzDoron Horowitz is an industry recognized safety and security expert most recently serving as the Senior National Homeland Security Advisor for the Security Community Network with an area of responsibility spanning thousands of sites and nearly 8 million people. Prior to his decade of service with SCN, he served as a Director of Corporate Security in the finance sector, Director of National Security for the Jewish Federation of Toronto, and he served the IDF in highly sensitive intelligence, combat, security, and counter terror missions with distinction. Doron holds a degree in Criminal Justice from John J College and when not at work enjoys spending time with his family and giving back to his community.

Credit Information

Credits for this program expired on 12/31/21.