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Beyond Run, Hide, Fight: Workplace Violence Preparedness Training That Fits Your Organization - On-Demand

Beyond Run, Hide, Fight: Workplace Violence Preparedness Training That Fits Your Organization - On-Demand

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Beyond Run, Hide, Fight: Workplace Violence Preparedness Training That Fits Your Organization - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn the developing workplace violence preparedness strategies that will best fit your business safety goals.


Workplace violence occurs today in all organizations and industries. The “Run, Hide, Fight” paradigm is effective as a simple preparedness message for active shooter situations. However, as a planning strategy for an organization, it is incomplete in that it does not address the development of policies and procedures to actually manage an event and does not incorporate your organization’s unique characteristics, processes, and risks.

Employers have a wide array of training and planning strategies to choose from, and increasingly programs are broadening their scope to incorporate violence, assault, harassment, cyberattacks, severe weather, and other emergencies, including any specific location or industry hazards. 

Successful workplace violence preparedness must include a close look at your specific organizational processes, systems, and business culture. There are realistic, non-disruptive methods for conducting training, evaluating process, and learning how to manage a crisis event that do not involve traumatizing participants with mock shootings or hostage events. This approach can make your workplace safer, more secure, and prepared for the unexpected.

Use this on-demand rebroadcast of a widely popular webinar on a revolutionary approach to workplace violence and crisis management training with the experienced security expert who developed the system.  He will share insights for customizing your workplace violence prevention training and preparation to match your organizational needs and foster a safer environment for everyone. 

After this engaging webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the “Run, Hide, Fight” paradigm 
  • Closely examine your organizational processes and systems to identify and close gaps in your safety and security planning
  • Evaluate and choose a workplace violence training strategy that improves preparedness without traumatizing participants or interrupting daily operations
  • Learn the building blocks of developing actual management protocols beyond Run, Hide, Fight


About Your Presenter:

Aric MutchnickaAric Mutchnick
Experior Group, Inc.

With over 15 years of experience in the security industry, Mr. Mutchnick specializes in high level security consulting, risk mitigation, and specialized security training for commercial and government entities. Mr. Mutchnick introduced the groundbreaking program, the Red Ball Drills®.  This is new type of active shooter, workplace violence, and crisis response training methodology which has been implemented globally.  He has worked with public schools, universities, health care facilities, and commercial entities to design and develop the most effective procedures in dealing with violent threats.

Mr. Mutchnick has worked operationally as part of security risk assessment and surveillance detection teams for several Fortune 500 companies. He has traveled to over 40 countries to advise and train covert foreign national security forces tasked with identifying potential terrorist threats to U.S. Embassies and Consulates.  He has designed security programs, crisis management initiatives and threat and vulnerability assessments for major consulting companies and UK/US government related programs.  This included development and design of project security manuals, evacuation plans, business continuity plans and security policy. 

Mr. Mutchnick has facilitated and managed large-scale, international investigations and operations in compliance, due diligence, business intelligence, and supply chain issues.  He has spent the past twenty years building a global network of investigation, security, and logistics partners with reach in every country in the world.  In the past year, Mr. Mutchnick assisted the DEA, FBI, and Australian Federal Police with international intelligence operations.

 Mr. Mutchnick and his company have been admitted into the Wartell Consortium which is an elite group of companies who provide security, safety, and logistics services to clients.  Mr. Mutchnick has worked closely with private security firms to promote accountability and ethics in the private security industry. He has served as the chairman of the membership committee and contributor to the standards committee of the International Stability Operations Association.  Additionally, Mr. Mutchnick is a member of the Authentication Council which provides support for the luxury goods market in deterring counterfeit and trademark infringement.  Mr. Mutchnick currently serves on the board of advisors for a large international security, intelligence, and investigations firm and a DC based non-profit called the FINND, which is involved in the government intelligence community.  Mr. Mutchnick also sits on the Emergency Preparedness Committee for the Washington DC BOMA/AOBA chapter.