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Workplace Privacy: Today’s Biggest Legal Pitfalls to Avoid with BYOD, Monitoring Emails and Social Media, Biometrics, and Data Breach Response

Workplace Privacy: Legal Pitfalls to Avoid with BYOD, Monitoring Emails, Social Media, Biometrics, & Data Breach Response - On-Demand

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Workplace Privacy: Legal Pitfalls to Avoid with BYOD, Monitoring Emails, Social Media, Biometrics, & Data Breach Response - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to avoid the most urgent data privacy-related legal pitfalls concerning BYOD, monitoring employee communications, biometrics, data breach response, and more.


We live in a data-driven world of emails, text messages, and videos, where both employees and employers are leveraging technology both in and out of the workplace to maximize collaboration and efficiency. And, these days more employers are allowing employees to communicate with each other using their own personal devices and methods of “offline communications” such as texting, personal email and social media, but at what cost?

On the one hand, businesses have a vested interest in making sure that they’re properly safeguarding proprietary and confidential data and on the other, employees have privacy rights, too. If an employer oversteps with its electronic monitoring practices or in taking possession of a personal device, it risks liability for violations under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, (ECPA), the Stored Communications Act (SCA), or other federal or state laws.

Balancing an employee's right to privacy with the employer’s need to run its business can be challenging. With the rapid surge in the use of technology and social media in the workplace, the stakes in the workplace privacy arena are becoming even higher for employers.

Use this on-demand webinar, for an all-new webinar that will provide an update on what every employer needs to know regarding hot issues in workplace privacy, including:

  • Data breach response for employers 
  • An employer’s ability to view employee communications on web-based electronic 
  • email, texts and social media 
  • Best practices for “bring your own device” (BYOD) programs 
  • The risks of using employee biometric data in the workplace

You’ll learn:

  • Examples of federal and state laws that bar employers from unauthorized access or electronic communications monitoring
  • How ECPA and SCA violations most frequently occur as the result of electronic monitoring in the workplace
  • The pros and cons of allowing BYOD—and the legal ramifications of both
  • How to ensure that your data security expectations are being met when BYOD is permitted, including the rights an employer can retain when a BYOD policy is in effect
  • When it may violate the SCA for an employer to access an employee’s non-work-web-based emails sent or received via company equipment
  • How to avoid liability under the growing number of state “social media privacy” laws
  • Types of data security breaches that could occur, including those involving personally identifiable information or biometrics-related data
  • Sound policies on collecting and safeguarding biometric data
  • The states in which employers are particularly vulnerable to legal liability stemming from how they manage and store biometric data
  • How to tell which data-breach notification laws apply to a given situation
  • Best practices for communication and notification plans if a data security breach occurs—and why it’s so important to confirm whether a breach has actually occurred
  • How a written data security plan can minimize your company’s legal liability
  • How to conduct a data security breach investigation and who should be on the data security breach response team
  • Safeguards for minimizing the legal damage a data security breach could present for your company
  • How to ensure that your actions following a breach are protected under attorney/client privilege

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About Your Presenter

Karla Grossenbacher, Esq.  Partner  Seyfarth Shaw Karla Grossenbacher, Esq. 
Seyfarth Shaw 

Karla Grossenbacher is a partner in Seyfarth Shaw’s Washington, D.C. office concentrating in labor and employment law. She is Chair of the Washington, D.C. Labor & Employment Practice Group and also heads the Firm’s National Workplace Privacy team. In addition, Ms. Grossenbacher serves on the Steering Committee of the Firm’s Global Privacy and Security team and the firm’s national Labor and Employment Steering Committee.

In the workplace privacy area, Ms. Grossenbacher specializes in advising employers on workplace privacy issues, such as monitoring of electronic communications, such as social media, texts, group messaging and personal email accounts, video surveillance, workplace searches and investigations, and preparation of policies that raise workplace privacy issues, such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, workplace communication policies, electronic communications policies and social media policies. Ms. Grossenbacher also specializes in advising employers on responding to cybersecurity incidents and data breaches, including preparation of data breach response plans. Ms. Grossenbacher is a frequent presenter, author and blogger on workplace privacy issues.

Ms. Grossenbacher is both an experienced litigator and counselor. She regularly advises employers on compliance with employment laws, both state and federal, and advises in-house counsel and human resources executives on high-risk terminations, employee privacy issues, and layoffs and also conducts policy reviews and audits of employment documents. Ms. Grossenbacher also has significant experience conducting high stakes workplace investigations for clients.

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