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Click 'n Train: Workplace Ethics for Supervisors

Click 'n Train: Workplace Ethics for Supervisors

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Click 'n Train: Workplace Ethics for Supervisors

HR experts and labor and employment attorneys agree that businesses—regardless of their industry or size—should be concerned about the ethical conduct of their supervisors and employees.

According to a survey by the Ethics Officers Association, half of U.S. workers have committed one or more illegal or unethical acts. Whenever an individual employee commits a criminal act within the scope of his or her employment, the organization as a whole can be held liable under the law.

Employers must ensure that supervisors receive suitable training concerning the organization’s ethics standards and procedures. BLR's new Click 'n Train PowerPoint® presentation will teach your supervisors to appreciate the importance of ethical conduct on the job, understand the requirements of the law and of company policy, identify ethical problems in the workplace, and recognize and carry out responsibilities ethically.

Workplace Ethics for Supervisors includes:

  • A fully prepared PowerPoint presentation
    Fully researched and expertly designed training meeting on this key topic.
  • Reproducible handouts, quizzes, and completion certificate
    Print and photocopy the handouts for concise, cost-effective tips and reminders. Plus, test for comprehension.
  • Easy-to-customize PowerPoints
    Change the meeting outlines and insert your own photographs to meet your own company's policies.
  • Interactive exercises
    Involving exercises gain buy-in and increase comprehension.
  • Trainer's outlines
    Useful background and tips save you hours of preparation time.