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Underground Storage Tank Guide

Underground Storage Tank Guide

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Underground Storage Tank Guide

Managing the compliance program for an underground storage tank is a difficult and complex job. It’s also constantly changing, thanks to shifting state and federal regulations, new court decisions, evolving technologies and new compliance practices.

The Underground Storage Tank Guide is the most authoritative resource for maintaining effective compliance with complex UST regulations. Uniquely designed for professionals like yourself, the Guide is updated quarterly to keep you aware of the very latest legislative and regulatory action. The Guide also contains summaries of the UST requirements in all 50 states.


  • New sections for Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, Utah, and Virginia that reflect their adoption of the 2015 federal UST regulations; 
  • Updated content for Hawaii section that notes current permit requirements, fees, and contact information; 
  • A revised Montana section with updated trust fund and financial responsibility requirements and contact information; 
  • New content for Nebraska that explains current operator training, delivery prohibition, registration, release detection, release reporting, closure, fee, and local program requirements; and 
  • Updated and improved checklists, forms, and charts

With the Underground Storage Tank Guide, you can:

  • Handle EPA and state inspections with a minimum of disruption
  • Manage recordkeeping – the most-often cited violation
  • Meet new and ongoing financial assurance requirements
  • Implement proven, proactive measures to reduce risks and avoid liability
  • Keep equipment and operations updated for cost-effective maintenance
  • Respond quickly and effectively to leaks and other problems, and minimize cleanup costs
  • Call the editor with unanswered questions — a special resource for subscribers

Major Topics Covered

The Underground Storage Tank Guide provides practical, real-world advice on how to manage and comply with RCRA underground storage tank regulations. This comprehensive resource is filled with critical, timely information on state and federal requirements, technology options, liability concerns, and other UST management issues.

The Underground Storage Tank Guide will not only keep you in compliance, it will help you design the most efficient and cost-effective compliance program possible. You’ll receive guidance from industry associations, and see how other companies are coping with the many complex issues of UST maintenance and compliance.

Featured Topics

  • Federal UST Program: RCRA Subtitle I
  • Corrective Action and Closure
  • Industry Codes and Standards
  • Financial Responsibility and Related Issues
  • Operational and Technical Issues
  • Enforcement
  • State-by-State Program Descriptions

Summary of Contents

  • 100 Managing Underground Storage Tanks: An Overview
  • 200 Federal UST Program: RCRA Subtitle I
  • 300 Additional Regulations
  • 400 Corrective Action and Closure
  • 500 Industry Codes and Standards
  • 600 Financial Responsibility and Related Issues
  • 700 Operation and Technical Issues
  • 800 Enforcement and Penalties
  • 900 State Programs
  • 1000 Legal Issues
  • Appendices: Federal Statute and Regulations, Resources, Document Samples
  • Index

Format and Frequency

  • Two-volume manual
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Quarterly updates

About Your Subscription

Your annual subscription includes published updates at no additional charge for the 12-month subscription period. If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact Client Services at or call us at 1-800-727-5257, Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Central Time.

Authors and Editors

 Editorial Advisory Board for the Underground Storage Tank Guide

Sullivan D. Curran
Fiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute 
Houston, Texas

Wayne Geyer
Steel Tank Institute 
Lake Zurich, Ill.

Harold Harris
Pro-Plus Inc. 
Houston, Texas

Michael L. Italiano, Esq.
Italiano & Partners 
Washington, D.C.

Jeffrey L. Leiter, Esq.
Leiter & Cramer PLLC
Washington, D.C.

James B. Witkin, Esq.
Linowes & Blocher, LLP
Bethesda, Md.