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Travel Pay Road Rules: How to Avoid Legal Missteps in Complex Wage and Hour Scenarios and Comply with the FLSA - On-Demand

Travel Pay Road Rules: Avoid Legal Missteps in Complex Wage & Hour Scenarios - On-Demand

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Travel Pay Road Rules: How to Avoid Legal Missteps in Complex Wage and Hour Scenarios and Comply with the FLSA - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to comply with federal rules governing employee travel time.

Determining when employees are entitled to travel pay should be a simple matter, but in actual practice it’s anything but. If you’ve been in HR for any length of time, you’ve probably wrestled with one or more of the following scenarios: 

  • What if employees travel between different job sites? 
  • What if their flights get cancelled and they are waiting around at or near the airport for several hours (or overnight)? 
  • What if a trip is part business and part pleasure (involving some vacation time) for an employee? 
  • How do you handle pay for non-exempts who travel at night or over the weekend, when they’re technically off-duty? 
  • When must training time be compensated? 
  • How “on-call” does an employee really have to be for the time to be compensable? What should you do if the person is just hanging out at home with a cell phone at the ready? 
  • Under what circumstances is commuting to or from home compensable? 

Use this in-depth webinar on how to apply the federal FLSA rules to travel, training, and on-call pay for overtime-eligible employees, so that you can stay in compliance and out of court.

You’ll learn: 

  • The key factors that determine when travel time or on-call time can be considered compensable work time 
  • Best practices for ensuring you’ve got it right when determining whether commuting time or travel during regular work hours qualifies as paid work time 
  • Whether travel between job sites is compensable 
  • How travel pay applies to employees who telecommute, either occasionally or full-time 
  • When you have to pay for on-call time—even if the employee isn’t working during that time—and when you don’t 
  • How much compensation is required for a paid on-call employee 
  • Best practices for drafting effective travel/overtime/on-call policies for your organization, so you’re in compliance with the FLSA 
  • And much more! 

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Kimberly KlimczukKimberly Klimczuk, Esq. 
Skoler, Presser, & Abbott P.C.

Kimberly Klimczuk joined Skoler, Presser, & Abbott in 2004 and concentrates her practice on labor law and employment litigation. She became a Partner with the firm in 2011. Ms. Klimczuk’s experience includes representing clients in labor arbitration and successfully defending clients in state and federal court and before administrative agencies in a variety of areas of employment law, including wage/hour law, discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge, and breach of contract. Ms. Klimczuk is a frequent speaker for a wide variety of associations and organizations and is an active member of the Western Massachusetts community.

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