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  1. Bluepoint Coaching Services

    Bluepoint Coaching Services
    Raise the game for your leaders through tailored coaching programs that dramatically shift effectiveness and impact.
  1. Bluepoint Micro eLearning

    Bluepoint Micro eLearning
    Create sustained change in day-to-day work through targeted learning that is designed for retention and application.
  1. The Leadership Essentials

    The Leadership Essentials
    This workshop is uniquely designed to equip managers with the practices and competencies necessary to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team and organizational levels.
  1. Breakout!

    This workshop challenges participants to abandon their outdated ideas on leadership and learn potent new practices that they can immediately use to inspire their teams and organizations to higher levels of performance.
  1. The Leader Within

    The Leader Within
    The Leader Within workshop takes participants on a deep journey where they will learn to tap into the enormous power of their emotions and moods and, as a result, create better leadership connections and exert more positive influence.
  1. The Leader Speaks

    The Leader Speaks
    Great leaders make their voices heard. The Leader Speaks is a comprehensive exploration of the core tenets of great leadership communication studied through the use of several video case studies of business, social and political leaders.
  1. Leading Change

    Leading Change
    This is a fast-paced, hands-on, two-day workshop in which participants will gain immediately usable communication, mentoring, and coaching skills that they can employ to help their team members thrive in periods of substantial change.
  1. Leading Innovation

    Leading Innovation
    The key competency required for innovation is not individual creativity alone, but the ability to create a culture with sustainable innovation. This workshop explores a model on which leaders need to focus in order to develop a culture...
  1. Shifting Gears

    Shifting Gears- Accelerated Development for High-Potential Leaders
    During this cohort-based leadership training program, participants are challenged to seriously examine their ambitions, talents and current leadership readiness. They will be tasked with seeking ways to shift their performance to a whole new level
  1. Master Coach Certification

    Master Coach Certification
    The Bluepoint Master Coach Program is designed to equip HRD/OD professionals, experienced managers and select individual contributors with the knowledge, methodologies and expertise required to coach at a high level.
  1. Advanced Coaching Skills

    Advanced Coaching Skills
    Advanced Coaching Skills is an intense, one-day workshop designed to help experienced coaches and leaders significantly enhance their coaching impact using highly-potent coaching concepts and approaches.

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