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Onboarding Training that Works for Better Integration, Employee Contributions, and Retention - On-Demand

Onboarding Training that Works for Better Integration, Employee Contributions, and Retention - On-Demand

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Onboarding Training that Works for Better Integration, Employee Contributions, and Retention - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to design and continually refine an onboarding program for best results and retention of star employees.


You’ve hired a new employee and filled that spot you were anxious to fill. But how engaged is your new hire, or are they going to be among the statistics of new employees who leave their jobs within 18 months or sooner? Needless to say, the cost of replacing these short-term employees is staggering, averaging about $4,000 per hire.

Onboarding training, then, is essential when you compare the costs of rehiring and refilling an empty position. However, most companies seem to be satisfied with a one- or two-day orientation that simply covers basics like insurance benefits, dress codes, and where is the bathroom. That doesn’t guarantee new employee engagement and retention.  Without a proper onboarding strategy, your new star employee could easily become disengaged and have one foot out the door before they even begin.

Use this on-demand webinar for get practical, effective tips on how to create and polish your onboarding training program and keep the employees you worked so hard to hire. You’ll learn how to create and implement an onboarding training program that is effective when it comes to integration into the culture of the organization, employee engagement, and retention.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize how onboarding training differs from orientation
  • Define the goals of your onboarding plan generally and for each new hire
  • Start onboarding in the most timely and effective manner—and how long it should last
  • Involve all the relevant “key players” in the onboarding process relative to each new hire
  • Gather feedback and measure the success of your onboarding plan
  • Use onboarding to drive employee retention and satisfaction
  • Identify the hierarchy of employee needs so your onboarding is focused, strategic, and personalized for maximum results
  • Survey employee satisfaction for honest results—and how to interpret and act on the data you’ve collected so you can continually improve upon the onboarding process
  • Recognize how training and development impacts employee satisfaction
  • And much more!

Plus, as a bonus for attending, you’ll get People Element’s handy, customizable onboarding template!

About Your Presenter:

Megan YounkinMegan Younkin
Director of Consulting
People Element

Megan Younkin, Director of Consulting, has 13 years’ experience with People Element analyzing client-specific surveys, interpreting the results, and building action plans for clients in several industries, as well as building and executing engagement and retention strategies and facilitating leadership development retreats. Younkin has a Bachelor’s degree in education and her graduate studies at Colorado State University are in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.  She is a Prosci certified change management practitioner, which allows her to support her clients through the people side of organizational change. Younkin’s clients range in size from small, single-location organizations to Fortune 100 national systems with locations across the country. Younkin has been asked to speak at conferences and conventions across the country on topics such as employee retention and effectively using employee satisfaction and engagement data to create positive change. She is also a regular ezine author and contributor and has been quoted in industry publications multiple times. With her clients, she implements various surveys and assessments, analyzes the results to find data trends, makes recommendations for improvement, and provide tools to help to reduce employee turnover and improve engagement.  She leads action planning sessions and provides coaching, training, and facilitation for leaders at all levels. As an Illinois native living in Colorado, Younkin enjoys spending time with her family, starting and sometimes finishing craft projects, and not having to live with humid weather.