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Training Better Millennial Supervisors: How to Convince the Largest Segment of Today’s Workforce to Step Up and Embrace Management-Based Roles - On-Demand

Training Better Millennial Supervisors: Convince the Largest Segment to Step Up & Embrace Management-Based Roles - On-Demand

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Training Better Millennial Supervisors: How to Convince the Largest Segment of Today’s Workforce to Step Up and Embrace Management-Based Roles - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to motivate your millennial employees to take on management positions and develop the future of your company.

Until recently, growing with a company and obtaining a management or other top-ranking position was considered a standard—and desirable—career path. But many millennials are more concerned with developing a “career for me” than moving up the corporate ladder and taking on management roles.

According to a 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, millennial employees demonstrate very little loyalty and likely have an exit strategy in place at all times, and are therefore less likely to stick around long enough to become management candidates. In fact, 20% of the surveyed working millennials planned to leave their jobs within one year or less, and more than 60% said their leadership skills weren’t being developed fully.

Employers that want to retain top talent and build a successful workforce need to show millennials how managerial roles can align with their long-term career goals.

Use this in-depth on-demand webinar led by millennial and people experience expert Kyle Borchardt. He’ll discuss the requirements of a successful millennial management training program and share specific examples. He’ll also delve into how to identify high potential (HIPO) millennials and how to prepare them to begin their journey to a management position.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get into the mind of a millennial—and why it’s important to stop making generalities about the largest segment of the workforce 
  • Pointers on how to start developing your millennial workforce 
  • How to properly identify which millennial employees should be classified as HIPOs 
  • How and when to begin the conversation with HIPO millennials about the training process, program, timeline, and expectations before moving into a management position 
  • How to engage and equip your top millennial employees with the skills and confidence to be managers and leaders in your organization 
  • The most important factors that ensure a new millennial manager is aligned, prepared, and successful in the role 
  • An example of a successfully executed millennial manager training program 
  • The importance of individualized mentorship, development, and ongoing training to engage millennials over the long haul 

About Your Presenter

Kyle BorchardtKyle Borchardt 
Co-Founder, Virtuali Inc. 
Head of People, Braintribe

Kyle Borchardt is a passionate people leader who is dedicated to- and passionate about helping find innovative ways to attract, develop, and engage Millennial employees. He has worked in a variety of people-centric roles across the United States and Europe and prides himself on a successful track record of helping clients and organizations foster a dynamic culture via an end-to-end employee experience program, while scaling smartly, shaping them for future success.

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