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The Master Coach – Ebook

The Master Coach – Ebook

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Bluepoint Leadership Development

The Master Coach Leading with Character, Building Connections, and Engaging in Extraordinary Conversations

The Master Coach will take your leadership impact to a whole new level.

Do you want your team or organization to be more innovative, more agile, more enterprising? Do you want others to take more personal accountability and step up to the challenges of today’s complex, ever-changing markets? The Master Coach is written for leaders who understand that most great leadership happens one conversation at a time and that they can help others dramatically increase their performance by becoming an expert at engaging in these conversations.

Drawing on the wealth of experience that has made Gregg Thompson and Bluepoint Leadership Development the choice of numerous Fortune 100 companies, The Master Coach illuminates the essence of what it takes to make great coaching the key to your success.

Coaching expertise has become an essential competency for leaders at all organization levels. Effectively engaging in conversations that inspire high performance is at the top of many leaders’ professional development lists. Increasingly, organizations are recognizing that great coaching need not be limited to a handful of external experts, but can be an integral part of their culture. Essentially, they are realizing that becoming a great coach is within the reach of all members of the organization and that every member of the organization can coach every other member.

The Master Coach is a profound yet practical guide for the leader seeking to excel as a coach. Drawing on the wealth of experience that has made Gregg Thompson and Bluepoint Leadership Development the choice of numerous Fortune 100 companies, it illuminates the essence of what it takes to be a great coach.

The Master Coach will appeal to progressive leaders who are prepared to make significant shifts in their attitudes, values, and behaviors in order to be catalysts for change in the work, careers, and lives of others. The Master Coach is based on the timeless Three C Coaching Model, a powerful leadership process that asserts that to master the art of coaching one must have an exemplary Character that invites the trust of others, be able to form rapid Connections with others at a deeply personal level, and have the ability to initiate and guide intense, attitude-changing Conversations. At every step, Thompson challenges readers with the premise that coaching is not merely about what the coach says or does; it is about who he or she is.

Gregg Thompson is a keynote speaker, author and executive leadership coach.

Gregg ThompsonAs a much-in-demand speaker, Gregg leads his audiences on interactive, highly-engaging learning journeys that are both educational and entertaining. He dares audiences to abandon many of their closest-held beliefs about leadership and to explore new ways of seeing, relating to and influencing others. He confronts audiences with their own biases, judgments and attitudes, and challenges them to replace these with fresh new perspectives and practices. He vividly demonstrates how leaders can make a major shift in their personal impact and use their natural strengths to master the art of leadership. Gregg is the author of The Master Coach written for leaders who understand the impact of coaching on performance and career acceleration. The book is an invitation to all leaders who want to make a significant shift in their attitudes, values and behaviors and become more coach-like in all of their daily interactions and conversations. The Master Coach forms the basis for the Leader As Coach workshop, which is used to equip thousands of leaders around the world with potent, immediately-usable coaching skills.

Gregg is President of Bluepoint Leadership Development, one of the finest leadership training and coaching companies in the world today. He personally coaches many of the most successful executives in the Fortune 100 companies and has worked in 40 countries in nearly every major industry. He has a passion for coaching and leadership that is unmatched, and his multimedia Keynote Workshops are guaranteed to be provocative, inspiring and memorable.

Gregg also has extensive business leadership experience having held senior executive roles in energy, environmental engineering, software development, technology and construction industries. He holds a Master of Science degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University and a diploma in Technical Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

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