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The Leadership Essentials

The Leadership Essentials

Product Code: BPBLE

This workshop is uniquely designed to equip managers with the practices and competencies necessary to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team and organizational levels.

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Bluepoint Leadership Development

The Leadership Essentials

Lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team and organization levels.

If you’re ready to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational levels, this 2-day workshop provides a strong developmental foundation for both new and seasoned leaders.

During The Leadership Essentials workshop, participants will be guided through a series of thought-provoking lecturettes, exercises, video case studies, personal coaching sessions, action research projects, and experientials in order to answer the following questions:

1. Have you earned the right to lead?
2. Do you help others learn and perform at their best?
3. Does your team produce extraordinary results?
4. Do you create exceptional focus throughout the organization?

Micro eLearning

Leader as Coach eLearning Post-Workshop Support for The Leadership Essentials

This includes a 16-week Micro eLearning Program powered by Mindmarker. The micro eLearning program includes a series of strategically-designed messages that are sent to participants two to three times a week for several months following the workshop. A sequence of videos, podcasts, quizzes, surveys, and assignments help participants refresh and deepen their understanding of workshop concepts, reflect on their current leadership practices, and make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior.


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Micro eLearning Programs

Bluepoint’s leadership development programs have always been designed to help leaders make real, sustained change in their day-to-day behavior. Our leadership and coach-training programs routinely utilize innovative instructional designs and the latest research in adult education, social learning, and virtual learning. With the launch of Bluepoint’s New Micro eLearning Programs, we are excited to take our post-workshop support to a whole new level by providing our clients with three new ways to maximize the effectiveness of their chosen program and support their leaders’ efforts for sustainable behavioral change.

Micro eLearning enables participants to more easily absorb and retain information by offering short, focused lessons, which are designed to reinforce concepts from the workshop and challenge participants to apply their personal learnings in order to create lasting behavior change.

About Bluepoint Workshops

Bluepoint’s leadership programs are not typical skills-based training programs but rather transformational experiences that produce extraordinary managers and leaders.

Based on proven, well-researched methodologies and content, Bluepoint workshops provide peace of mind that your investment will deliver solid behavioral and business results. These intense, challenging, thought-provoking workshops are designed to have an immediate and lasting impact on performance, engagement, and alignment.

Bluepoint workshops employ a wide variety of engaging educational activities, including peer coaching, video case studies, stories, presentations, competitions, debates, print materials, and experiential exercises, which are all designed to maximize participant engagement.