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The Leader Within

The Leader Within

Product Code: BPTLW

The Leader Within workshop takes participants on a deep journey where they will learn to tap into the enormous power of their emotions and moods and, as a result, create better leadership connections and exert more positive influence.

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Bluepoint Leadership Development

The Leader Within

Intense training that will significantly accelerate the development of leaders.

The Leader Within is an intense training experience during which participants gain a better understanding of themselves and learn how to build stronger, more influential connections with others. Workshop participants will learn how Leadership Emotional Intelligence is the primary determinant of a leader’s ability to effectively influence others. They will learn to recognize their own emotions in a wide variety of interpersonal circumstances; respond to these emotions in ways that enhance their leadership; become aware of the emotions of others; and be a positive, energizing force within their organization.

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About Bluepoint Workshops

Bluepoint’s leadership programs are not typical skills-based training programs but rather transformational experiences that produce extraordinary managers and leaders.

Based on proven, well-researched methodologies and content, Bluepoint workshops provide peace of mind that your investment will deliver solid behavioral and business results. These intense, challenging, thought-provoking workshops are designed to have an immediate and lasting impact on performance, engagement, and alignment.

Bluepoint workshops employ a wide variety of engaging educational activities, including peer coaching, video case studies, stories, presentations, competitions, debates, print materials, and experiential exercises, which are all designed to maximize participant engagement.