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Terminations: A Complete Guide for California Employers - Download

Terminations: A Complete Guide for California Employers - Download

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Terminations: A Complete Guide for California Employers - Download

Whether it's a termination (for violent behavior or other reasons), constructive discharge, layoff, or forced resignation, ending an employment relationship is a legal minefield that you should navigate only after careful consideration and adequate preparation.

You Need To Know the When as Well as the How

Knowing when to terminate an employee is just as important as knowing how to terminate an employee.

Even though most employment relationships are "at-will," meaning you can terminate an employee at any time, what you say and do during the employment relationship can significantly impact how you must treat employees before letting them go. Don't make a move without checking out our just-updated, downloadable reference manual, written specifically for California employers.

Terminations: A Complete Guide for California Employers covers everything you need to know about both voluntary and involuntary separations, including:

  • Lawful vs. unlawful employee terminations
  • Employee discipline
  • The importance of documentation
  • How to create a paper trail that protects you in the event of litigation or threatened litigation
  • A step-by-step process for investigating alleged workplace misconduct
  • Termination considerations for all situations: Poor performance, misconduct, personality issues, insubordination, tardiness, and absenteeism
  • Special pre-termination considerations to keep in mind for employees on leave, unionized employees, and more
  • The state and federal rules on mass layoffs and RIFs
  • What to do when an employee resigns—and when a departure might be considered a constructive discharge
  • Important termination and resignation documentation you must keep on file
  • Payroll considerations for departing employees: Final paycheck rules and more
  • Tips for effective termination meetings and exit interviews that both provide you with needed information and help keep you out of legal trouble
  • Legal dos and don'ts for giving references
  • Employee rights to unemployment benefits in California
  • How to protect your company from termination-related lawsuits
  • And much more!

PLUS, with this latest update, you'll learn:

  • How amendments to the state Fair Pay Act expand equal pay requirements
  • How to handle the need for confidentiality during workplace investigations
  • Your obligations regarding H-1B workers and the effect of recent federal regulations
  • Plus, we’ve included a sample discipline policy that can help you avoid missteps when terminating an employee for misconduct

It's like having a California employment lawyer on call, working on your most pressing termination questions and concerns, at a fraction of the cost.

Stay Fully Up-To-Date, Automatically

Best of all, we'll send you a brand-new edition each year so that you always have the most up-to-date policies available. Don't delay—order today and make sure your termination processes are in order, before you get sued.

Buyers' Benefit: You are enrolling in an automatic update program and will receive annual updates sent on a 90-day approval basis and billed separately. You may cancel this automatic update program at any time.


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