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Termination & Performance Management Training: Tactics for Managing Unexpected Outbursts, Threats, & Lawsuits - On-Demand

Termination & Performance Management Training: Tactics for Managing Unexpected Outbursts, Threats, & Lawsuits - On-Demand

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Termination & Performance Management Training: Tactics for Managing Unexpected Outbursts, Threats, & Lawsuits - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to train supervisors and managers on how to handle tense situations related to performance conduct in the workplace to minimize the threats of lawsuits, workplace violence, and other threats.

Discipline and termination talks aren’t fun, but they’re essential. But what do you do when the employee whose performance you’re critiquing—or terminating—reacts badly, with an outburst or even a threat of violence?

Drafting succinct, noninflammatory termination letters, performance reviews, and performance improvement plans can help defuse emotional reactions and the desire to bring a lawsuit. Anything that appears to “attack” an employee personally could spark angry, and potentially violent, reactions, even serving as legal ammunition in the event of a lawsuit against your organization.

In addition, proper training for supervisors and managers to address and mitigate possible outbursts that could escalate to violence is essential. Workplace violence prevention training can help your frontline staff establish a game plan for managing situations in which emotions and anger run high.

Use this on-demand webinar that will teach you how to train supervisors and managers to handle tense discussions and de-escalate if a situation becomes heated, while minimizing the risk of lawsuits, workplace violence, and other threats.

You’ll learn:

  • Practical training tips for handling performance management and termination discussions
  • What can set off an emotional or angry reaction in an employee—and how to handle these situations so you can minimize the risk of violent outcomes or lawsuits
  • Coaching approaches that work best when communicating with employees who have received unfavorable performance reviews or need to be terminated
  • Action steps to follow when you must discipline and/or terminate someone who may react with violence or an emotional outburst
  • Best practices and language choices for crafting clearly communicated and legally compliant termination letters
  • How to clearly inform an employee that his or her performance is not meeting expectations—without getting personal or attacking his or her character
  • Characteristics potentially violent individuals tend to share, and warning signs to watch out for, so you can minimize the possibility of a heated or violent confrontation during a termination meeting or performance review
  • What not to write in a termination letter and how to apply the concept of “benevolent severance” to minimize legal risks
  • Why it’s important to listen to an employee’s concerns during a performance management or termination meeting, as well as how to steer the meeting to end in a way that doesn’t foster anger or violence
  • And much more!

About Your Presenters

Susan Hartmus HiserSusan Hartmus Hiser, Esq. 
The Murray Law Group, P.C.

Susan Hartmus Hiser, President and Shareholder with The Murray Law Group, P.C., practices in the areas of labor and employment litigation on behalf of private and public sector employers. Hiser represents employers in litigation filed in both state and federal courts, as well as in administrative proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, and the Michigan Employment Relations Commission. She has experience in representing employers in multi-plaintiff harassment and disparate treatment cases. In addition to counseling employers on various employment matters, such as FMLA compliance, ADA accommodations, disciplinary issues, and workplace investigations, Ms. Hiser has drafted and reviewed employment contracts, personnel policies, and employee handbooks. She has also conducted in-house training on all areas of employment law, including harassment prevention, legal compliance, and workplace policies. Hiser is frequently called upon both to assist in and to conduct workplace investigations on behalf of her clients.

Glianny FagundoGlianny Fagundo, Esq.
Taylor English Duma LLP

Glianny Fagundo of Taylor English Duma LLP prides herself in partnering with clients to design and implement workplace policies and practices that are not just compliant with the law, but that further business goals and protect a company’s culture. Her years as a high-stakes employment and business litigator gave her a full appreciation of the value, and cost, of human capital. As a result, her employment law counsel and advice is carefully designed to maximize returns and decrease risks. Fagundo routinely counsels national employers on a multitude of workplace issues, including wage and hour, worker classification, joint employer/single enterprise, religious and disability accommodations, discipline, terminations, RIF’s, executive employment agreements, and background checks. She also continues to defend companies in high-stakes cases including claims for restrictive covenants violations, discrimination, collective FLSA/wage, contractual breaches, fraud, consumer disputes, professional liability and products liability. Some of the industries in which Fagundo has considerable experience include healthcare, restaurants and hospitality, retail, professional services, transportation and logistics, and media/entertainment. Fagundo’s engaging personality and natural public speaking knack have resulted in numerous invitations to address and train management and trade groups on policies and legal developments.