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Succession Planning: How to Craft a Succession Plan So Your Organization Is Ready and Able to Make Smooth Transitions - On-Demand

Succession Planning: How to Craft a Succession Plan So Your Organization Is Ready and Able to Make Smooth Transitions - On-Demand

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Succession Planning: How to Craft a Succession Plan So Your Organization Is Ready and Able to Make Smooth Transitions - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to create a succession plan and best groom employees for changes from within.


Succession planning is essential for all organizations big, medium, or small regardless of whether they’re for-profit, nonprofit, or government employers.

There are four things succession planning strategies should be designed to:

  1. mitigate risk;
  2. improve communication;
  3. drive engagement; and
  4. ensure execution of the organizations strategic plan regardless of changes in talent should they occur.  


But, this can be an intimidating process for leaders, managers, board members, and employees as any change may seem threatening, especially changes in leadership. And those who are nearing the end of their careers or who are notified of their strategic (key role) status may not always welcome being informed that there are plans in place for their future replacement. Therefore, thoughtful and well-planned communication is essential when creating the succession strategy.

Also, for the strategy to work, HR needs critical support of top leadership and the board support when formulating, executing, and adjusting succession plans.

Use this on-demand webinar to learn the critical steps of building out your succession plan strategy. You’ll learn where to start when creating your succession planning process, what positions should be included in the plan, how and when to communicate if a position is involved in the created plan, and how to gain buy-in from top leadership and the board  throughout the process.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine which positions should be involved in the succession strategy
  • Identify who should be involved in the succession strategy creation and on-going reviews
  • Effectively communicate the strategy to those in strategic roles—and when—as well as when and how to communicate with those selected to be possible candidates to transition into the role in the future
  • Evaluate the required skills and competencies for the strategic roles within the plan and develop career pathing for each of the positions.
  • Prepare and coach for possible employee vacancies, especially at management and executive levels
  • Search if no one is available as a possible successor in your organization
  • Plan for maintaining operations while a vacancy waits to be filled
  • Foster an on-going process by focusing on collaboration on many fronts
  • Continually evaluate and update your succession plan as changes in the organization occur
  • And much more!


About Your Presenter

Dawn CacciottiDawn Cacciotti
EngageHRnow, LLC

Dawn Cacciotti, founder of EngageHRnow® has over 25 years of strategic HR experience. As a human resources strategist, co-author of Cultivating Culture, and passionate speaker, she is an advocate for the importance of strategic HR to the success of all organizations.  EngageHRnow, founded in 2014 is a human resources consulting and outsourcing firm specializing in employee engagement, organizational culture, and strategic human capital solutions for small to mid-size associations and for-profit business. 

Cacciotti has won numerous honors for her leadership in the area of Engagement, Strategy and Well-being.  She was recognized by Employee Benefits News as the “Benefits Leadership – Judges Choice 2014” award winner, led the strategic human capital change at a leading D.C. association allowing them to be awarded the coveted 2014 Washington Post Top Workplace list in Washington, D.C., and was a Human Resources Strategic Alignment honoree for the HRLA awards.

Cacciotti assists organizations to effectively build their Human Resources infrastructure and guides the leadership team in developing the organizational culture while educating and engaging the staff on how they directly impact the overall success of the business.   She provides strategic insight by producing and executing essential programs in all phases of the human capital life cycle. 

She holds certifications as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Human Capital Strategist (HCS) and has her Bachelors of Science in Human Resources Management.