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Salary Negotiation Skills: How to Close the Deal with Talent in Today’s Competitive Job Market - On-Demand

Salary Negotiation Skills: How to Close the Deal with Talent in Today’s Competitive Job Market - On-Demand

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Salary Negotiation Skills: How to Close the Deal with Talent in Today’s Competitive Job Market - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn practical tools for setting reasonable salary ranges that are competitive, knowing how to assess a candidate and their salary requirements, and recruiting the top talent within the range.


It’s a competitive hiring field today. If you’re in the market for top talent, you need to know how to negotiate salaries so you and your prospective employee will be happy. With the increased competition, what can employers/recruiters do to ensure they get the best employees for a salary that is within the company’s budget?

Salary is often not the only factor new employees are looking for in a position. Tout your organization’s job benefits that can amount to an uptick in salary. Flex time, vacation days, and other benefits can sweeten a compensation deal. 

It’s necessary of course to establish a salary range before recruiting or negotiating with a prospective hire. Going into the negotiation, you should know how high you are willing to go for this candidate. If the candidate is really worth it, you may even find it’s cost-effective to go a little higher.

Use this on-demand webinar that will teach you how to elevate your negotiating skills with best practices for coming to terms at a compensation package that works for the candidate and your organization.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set a salary range that is reasonable for your organization, and you can work with
  • Check with the market to ensure your salary is commensurate with the competition
  • Consider the candidate’s value to the company, and whether you might go higher—or not
  • Highlight your organization’s benefits that can serve as part of the compensation package
  • Know when to stop pursuing a seemingly awesome candidate who won’t agree to your top offer
  • Get the candidate to agree to the terms in writing once hired
  • And much more!

About Your Presenter

Rebecca Barnes-HoggRebecca Barnes-Hogg
Founder/Lead Consultant
YOLO Insights®

Rebecca Barnes-Hogg is a serial connector of small businesses with their ideal employees. She first discovered this talent as a teenager when she helped her high school classmates find summer jobs. Her career in corporate America encompassed all facets of business. Barnes-Hogg recognized early on that at the center of every business is its people. Throughout her career, she excelled at putting the right people in the right positions to make things happen. In 2010, she founded YOLO Insights® to make sure that no small business is held back because they are unable to find the talented people they need. Her passion for hunting purple unicorns (or in real life words, ideal employees) shows in the transformations she helps small businesses achieve.

Barnes-Hogg’s recruiting insights have been featured in Business News Daily, U.S. News & World Report, CBS Small Business Pulse, MarketWatch, Hotel Executive, and HR Magazine. She is the author of The YOLO Principle, The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Small Business. She is also a coauthor of Rethinking Human Resources, a 2015 anthology edited by Kevin Williamson and Cathy Fyock.

Barnes-Hogg holds a master’s degree in human resources management and a bachelor’s in business management. She holds the HR Certification Institute’s Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification and the Society for Human Resource Management’s Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certification.