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Safety Performance Improvement: Integrate Behavioral- and Systems-Based Approaches to Maximize Your Results - On-Demand

Safety Performance Improvement: Integrate Behavioral- and Systems-Based Approaches to Maximize Your Results - On-Demand

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Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to integrate behavioral- and system-based approaches to safety to improve performance.

Some safety professionals see a dichotomy between behavior-based safety and approaches that focus on systemic factors within an organization that support or hinder safety performance.

However, safety-related behavior does not occur in a vacuum. In the workplace, it occurs in the context of organizational processes, procedures, and systems that influence motivations, attitudes, and actions. Identifying these systemic influences is key to understanding and shaping the behavior they drive and developing effective safety improvement strategies. Therefore, an integrated approach that takes both systems and behavior into account is essential for moving safety performance to the next level.

Use this on-demand webinar with David Libby, a safety and operational performance expert from Krause Bell Group, that will help you ensure that your systems and employees' behaviors align to support exceptional safety performance.

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify systemic factors that support and hinder safety-related behaviors
  • Design effective safety interventions that work within the context of your organization
  • Recognize the influences on behavior and motivation in the workplace and how they impact safety
  • Delve deeper into the root causes of incidents and near misses to uncover systemic factors that contribute to workplace hazards
  • Implement effective safety strategies that motivate and engage employees using an understanding the context for their work
  • Identify the role of leadership, management, front-line supervisors, and other key elements of your organization in shaping safety-related behavior and culture

About Your Presenter

David Libby

David Libby
Krause Bell Group

David Libby has been helping United States and multi-national organizations improve safety and operational performance for over 30 years. He brings a hands-on, practical approach to improving safety leadership, culture, and performance. For the last 14 years, his work as an external consultant has helped dozens of clients improve their safety leadership, workplace culture, and operational performance.  Some of his most notable successes include:

  • a 300-employee coal mine achieved zero Mine Safety and Health Administration reportable injuries for two consecutive years for the first time in the company’s history;
  • a food & beverage company with nearly 6,000 employees reduced their total recordable incident rate by over 80% in a five-year period; and
  • a hospital with more than 3,000 employees reduced adverse drug events by nearly 33% in just one year.