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Safety Orientation Employee Booklet

Safety Orientation Employee Booklet - in English or Spanish (package of 15)

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Safety Orientation Employee Booklet - in English or Spanish (package of 15)

MARCOM's Safety Orientation Employee Booklet addresses two of the most prominent safety issues confronting employers today, that of developing a good safety attitude in their well as providing introductory safety training. Thinking about safety should be as natural as thinking about other aspects of the job. Employees need to anticipate the possibility of accidents before they happen. Workplace accidents cause millions of people to suffer painful injuries every year, and cost business almost $90 billion per year in medical bills, lost wages and lost production time.

The booklet includes information on developing safety awareness, basics of accident prevention, hazard evaluation, safety housekeeping, tool use and maintenance, use of personal protective equipment, and more. The employee booklet features text, illustrations and a quiz, and is 16 pages in length. Booklets are available in packages of 15.

Topics covered include:

  • Developing "safety awareness".
  • Basics of accident prevention.
  • Hazard evaluation.
  • Safety housekeeping.
  • Tool use and maintenance.
  • Fire prevention and safety.
  • Use of personal protective equipment.
  • and more.