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Safety Department of One: Tips for Managing EHS Program Success with Limited Time & Resources - On-Demand

Safety Department of One: Tips for Managing EHS Program Success with Limited Time & Resources - On-Demand

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Safety Department of One: Tips for Managing EHS Program Success with Limited Time & Resources - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

It’s the safety manager’s job to provide a safe working environment for employees, keep workers’ compensation costs under control, and maintain OSHA compliance. And with OSHA fines through the roof, the stakes have never been higher to make sure you’re operating your safety program at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

But, with many companies running at very lean staffing and budget levels—especially in service and support departments such as safety—the designated safety manager is under daily pressure to do more with less. In some cases, a safety “team” actually may be just one person doing it all.

Whether your safety department is a one-person operation or it has limited staffing and resources, it’s important to learn where and how to devote your time to maximize the return on your investment, keep employees safe, and avoid crippling OSHA penalties.

Use this all-new on-demand webinar that will reveal how to manage your EHS program for success when you have limited time and resources to get the job done right.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify the essential components that should be included your EHS program
  • Where to find local, regional, and national business and professional organizations that can help you save valuable time, money, and resources
  • Tips to efficiently and effectively track and monitor safety regulations that apply to your organization
  • What will make your safety program complete and most effective
  • Strategies for increasing senior management’s commitment to the safety program—and how to get critical buy-in from line managers and employees
  • How to integrate a daily dose of safety program strategy into your day-to-day operations
  • Practical—and easy—methods for assessing, auditing, and correcting safety program gaps when time is short and your budget is limited
  • How to identify and evaluate outside resources to augment your EHS program, especially for complex projects and challenges requiring high levels of technical expertise
  • How to calculate a succinct return on investment proposal to help justify requests for additional resources, staff, or increased involvement of other departments

About Your Presenter:

Michael LawrenceMichael Lawrence
Summit Safety Technologies

Michael Lawrence, principal of Summit Safety Technologies based in Long Beach, California, is an accomplished safety manager, technical trainer, and training manager. He has been training adult workers and safety professionals for many years, and he is a frequent speaker recognized for his knowledge of safety regulations, safety management systems, and effective training in the workplace.

With over three decades of experience as a frontline worker, supervisor, manager, and business owner in the areas of safety management, technical training, instructional design, and quality management, Mr. Lawrence brings a refreshing down-to-earth approach in the effective sharing of knowledge and experience.

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