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RMP Updates: How to Comply with Emergency, Tabletop and Field Exercise Requirements - On-Demand

RMP Updates: How to Comply with Emergency, Tabletop and Field Exercise Requirements - On-Demand

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RMP Updates: How to Comply with Emergency, Tabletop and Field Exercise Requirements - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to comply with the EPA’s RMP 40 CFR 68 concerning emergency, tabletop and field exercise requirements and more.

For several years, there has been uncertainty around the requirements of EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP). In the wake of the ammonium nitrate explosion in West, Texas, the EPA, under the

Obama administration, undertook significant changes to the RMP regulations in 2017. However, evidence in the investigation into the cause of the explosion and pushback from industry groups caused the Trump administration’s EPA to reconsider some, but not all, of those changes in 2018, and the results of the reconsideration are finally here.

The EPA has rescinded some of the more burdensome provisions, including third party audits and alternative technology analyses, but has retained provisions that may dramatically change your emergency response program.  Facilities will be required to document coordination with local emergency responders, carry out emergency response training exercises, and conduct public meetings.  But how does a company conduct an effective tabletop exercise?  When is a facility required to hold a public meeting?  And when are facilities expected to be in compliance?

Use this on-demand webinar on what’s staying, what’s going and how to comply with the EPA’s reconsidered RMP.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to:  

  • Identify the provisions of 40 CFR 68 that have been rescinded—and the provisions that remain intact
  • Determine the compliance dates for the retained provisions
  • Develop procedures to comply with the new emergency coordination requirements
  • Recognize and implement effective emergency, tabletop, and field exercises
  • Identify when a public meeting must be held and what information must be shared

About Your Presenter

Gery GianniniGery Giannini, CIT
GG Safety and Environmental LLC

Gery Giannini, CIT, is the owner of GG Safety and Environmental Consulting in Carmel, Indiana and provides safety and environmental training, consulting services and has performed numerous seminars throughout the country. As a consultant for over 35 years, Giannini has a very diversified background which includes performing site safety and environmental audits, assisting customers in design and implementation of regulatory plans and customizing hands-on site-specific training programs.

Some of his specialties have been focused on Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, Confined Space Emergency Rescue, Chemical Compliance issues including RCRA and DOT handling of chemicals and waste. He has worked with General Industry, Construction, Mining, Fire Departments, FEMA, and LEPC’s as well as others.