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Recruiting for Blue Collar Jobs: Best Practices to Secure the Right Employees & Develop a Steady Stream of Qualified Leads - On-Demand

Recruiting for Blue Collar Jobs: Best Practices to Secure the Right Employees & Develop a Steady Stream of Qualified Leads - On-Demand

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Recruiting for Blue Collar Jobs: Best Practices to Secure the Right Employees & Develop a Steady Stream of Qualified Leads - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Combat needing to fill high-turnover roles by learning how to improve your recruiting strategy for blue collar jobs, so you can engage the right candidates early and build an attractive applicant pipeline.

Blue collar jobs—typically skilled or unskilled labor where the worker is paid hourly or by the piece—are getting harder and harder to fill. These are the jobs like builders, welders, machinists, or miners, among others, that once were the backbone of the nation’s economy. In recent years, more and more of these jobs remain unfilled. With more high school graduates going on to 4-year colleges or getting into tech, there have been fewer workers in this sector as a result.

How do you recruit for these jobs, which are essential for the operation of your company? The tendency is for employers to either raise wages or move the entire operation to another country to tap from a larger labor pool.

However, with the omnipresence of smart phones, many employers are finding it serves them well to advertise and recruit via mobile technology. Jobseekers who are looking for a so-called blue-collar job are even more likely than others to use their smart phones in the job search. Needless to say, a truck driver or construction worker is going to have easier access to their mobile phone than to a desktop computer. 

Partly because of this tendency, employers may find that reducing the time it takes to fill out an application on a mobile device can provide them with more completed applications coming in.

Use this on-demand webinar that will teach you successful ways to streamline your recruiting program for blue collar (and often hard-to-fill, high turnover) positions.

After attending this webinar you’ll be able to:

  • Design a recruiting strategy for skilled and unskilled labor roles to attract the best candidates
  • Carefully draft your job description to attract interest and effectively communicate on what makes your company’s open blue-collar jobs particularly attractive to talent
  • Streamline and edit down the job application to make it a snap for blue collar talent to complete
  • Make your application and job ads mobile friendly to blue collar workers
  • Carefully consider the use of social media to attract the right workers for your blue-collar jobs
  • Provide benefits and opportunities that will entice qualified blue-collar workers
  • And much more!

About Your Presenter

Kristen LampertKristen Lampert
Senior Talent Consultant
Talent Rise

Kristen Lampert is a Senior Talent Solutions Consultant at TalentRise, an Inc 5000 recognized talent management consulting and executive recruiting firm founded in 2008 and acquired by Aleron Inc in 2019.  Based in Chicago with a national list of clients ranging from startup to global organizations, TalentRise provides tailored, high-touch talent consulting, and executive search solutions to help employers elevate business performance through talent and technology. 

Lampert’s work focuses on large and small-scale HR transformation projects that can range from modernizing people, processes, and technology in the areas of recruitment, management, training, and organizational development. She also manages ATS and Assessment tool strategy and implementation, as well as training recruiters and managers on hiring best practices. Her work helps companies build an authentic and engaging employment brand that fosters connection between talent communities and the companies that align with their values. She holds certifications including SHRM-SCP and SPHR and is pursuing coach certification through CTI.