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The PRO Act: Rewriting America's Labor Laws - On-Demand

The PRO Act: Rewriting America's Labor Laws - On-Demand

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The PRO Act: Rewriting America's Labor Laws - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

Length: 1 hour

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Attend this webinar to learn about the current status of the PRO Act, legal requirements on employers if it is passed, and best practices to implement now to prepare for the changes ahead.

The PRO Act has the potential to be a transformative rewrite of America’s labor laws, are you prepared for this potential momentous change?

The PRO Act passed the House on March 9, 2021 and is touted as one that would make the most extensive changes to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) in its 86-year history. Among its provisions, the PRO Act would: 

  • Require employers to engage in mediation when negotiating first contracts and, if that is unsuccessful, agree to arbitration;
  • Require employees represented by a union to pay “fair share” fees to the union even if they choose not to be union members (currently, such fees are prohibited in states with right-to-work laws);
  • Allow employees to engage in secondary boycotts;
  • Ban permanent replacement of striking workers;
  • And more!

According to experts, the PRO Act can be seen as a "wish list" that "includes a number of measures to make unionizing easier and to punish opposition to unions." Employers in the retail landscape and gig economy maybe the most impacted by the PRO Act, given the recent news surrounding Amazon employees' push to unionize—and the likely change to the definition of "joint employer."

This webinar will discuss the current status of the PRO Act, what may happen to the Act in Congress, and detail not only the legal requirements on employers if the PRO Act is passed, but best practices to implement now to prepare for the changes ahead.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the current state of the PRO Act,
  • Effectively implement any changes brought on by the PRO Act,
  • Legally, yet effectively, deflect a pro-union push at your workplace,
  • Understand the role organizational culture plays in potential employee unionization, and
  • Train managers and supervisors on signals of union activity and how to discuss the benefits of remaining union-free with employees.

About Your Presenter

Catherine F. Burgett

Catherine F. Burgett, Member, Frost Brown Todd

As a member with Frost Brown Todd, Catherine Burgett divides her time between a traditional labor practice and employment work.  Her labor practice includes working with clients to improve labor relations and resolve labor disputes; creating and assisting with corporate campaigns and representation elections; helping companies stay union-free; handling unfair labor practice charges; representing companies through the labor arbitration process; and negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

Burgett's employment practice includes employment litigation; wage and hour litigation; discrimination, harassment, and retaliation investigations and litigation; drafting and litigating employment contracts; creating and implementing corporate training programs; advising and assisting companies in negotiating the WARN Act; drafting and enforcing workplace policies; and serving as counsel on all aspects of employer-employee relations.

Credit Information

Credits for this program expired on 12/31/21.