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PFAS: The Latest Regulatory Updates and How to Successfully Conduct an Audit to Minimize Compliance Risks- On-Demand

PFAS: The Latest Regulatory Updates and How to Successfully Conduct an Audit to Minimize Compliance Risks - On-Demand

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PFAS: The Latest Regulatory Updates and How to Successfully Conduct an Audit to Minimize Compliance Risks - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to identify PFAS risks and proactively self-audit to protect yourself and your organization from legal action.

Is your organization at risk when it comes to potential legal or regulatory actions associated with PFAS? 

For nearly 70 years PFAS have been used in products all around us; in food packaging, stain- and water-repellent fabrics, carpets, nonstick cookware, waxes, paints, plastics and firefighting foams. Durability made PFAS commercially desirable chemicals, but that property also contributes to persistence in the environment and bioaccumulation in the food chain. As a result of the widespread exposure and bioaccumulation, recent reports indicate serious adverse effects to human health and the environment. 

The PFAS issue continues to grow as contamination of drinking water and other media garners national attention. EPA has collaborated with industry on voluntary phase-outs, and the agency continues gather data in an effort to determine appropriate actions. Lawmakers and environmental groups are calling for more action, and legal actions continue to ramp up. In this environment, it may be time for manufacturers and users to evaluate the potential risk PFAS pose to their operations.

Use this on-demand webinar led by Caron Koll, a consultant from Antea Group. You’ll gain insight into the fastest emerging contaminant of our time, and learn tips to proactively self-audit to assess your risk and prepare and protect you from legal action.

Attendees of this webinar will:

  • Understand the PFAS issue, why it is the center of such concern, and what risk it may pose to your organization
  • Know the current status of PFAS regulations and be prepared to track updates online
  • Be familiar with the status of legal and regulatory actions and settlements that may impact your organization
  • Recognize how an internal audit may be a valuable loss prevention tool to address your PFAS risk
  • Know the best practices for sampling and analysis
  • Be aware of the different treatment technologies available to address PFAS contamination


About Your Presenter

Caron Koll

Caron Koll
Antea Group

Caron Koll is a Consultant at Antea Group with over 34 years of environmental assessment and remediation experience.  She maintains a Licensed Site Professional certification in Massachusetts and holds several professional geologist licenses.  Over the span of 34 years, Ms. Koll has developed focused environmental response actions and managed hundreds of environmental investigations and remedial projects in the Northeast and Midwest United States and South America. She has experience serving a wide spectrum of industrial clients including: chemical manufacturing, general manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, automotive, and transportation.  With a focus on client’s needs and expectations, Ms. Koll is a trusted advisor to her clients on appropriate regulatory compliance, response actions, stakeholder management and business interruption loss avoidance.

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