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Personal Protective Equipment Safety Game

Personal Protective Equipment Safety Game

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Personal Protective Equipment Safety Game

MARCOM's Personal Protective Equipment Safety Game reviews for employees the importance of using the proper personal protective equipment for the jobs that they are doing. On-the-job injuries affect all types of people doing all types of work.

Each year over 570,000 workers are injured... at a cost to employers of over $100 billion annually. Government surveys show that the most common cause of workplace injuries today is due to employees not using personal protective equipment (PPE) as they work. Virtually everyone will experience one or more on the job injuries during their working life. In most cases appropriate equipment is readily available, yet employees do not recognize the need for this equipment, or take the time to use it.

The Safety Game is a Jeopardy-style, computer-based training game that involves all employees in the training process. Employees are divided into teams that compete to obtain the best game score. The trainer acts as the game show host.