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Pay Ranges, Comparable Worth, and Competencies: How to Renew Your Pay Program - On-Demand

Pay Ranges, Comparable Worth, and Competencies: How to Renew Your Pay Program - On-Demand

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Pay Ranges, Comparable Worth, and Competencies: How to Renew Your Pay Program -

Webinar now available On-Demand.

Program Length: 1 hour

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Explore strategies for improving pay programs, complying with the law, and preparing for changes to established pay program concepts and policies, like transparency and comparable worth, through this insightful webinar.

Pay programs are under greater scrutiny than ever before. Employers are under pressure to formalize their pay program, become more “transparent” at the time of hiring and during the period of employment, and introduce new concepts that help to achieve various forms of pay equity.

How does this manifest itself?

Employers are encouraged or required by law to divulge pay ranges (if they have them), to make offers that are not based upon the candidate’s current pay rate, and to ensure the comparability of job values. Recall that for decades only one law that came close to this goal was the Equal Pay Act of 1963. This was about pair fairness rules largely beneficial to women.

Now states are creating their own equal pay principles and laws. For example, Massachusetts introduced its own Equal Pay Act several years ago that expands the four key concepts under the federal law. Also, unlike Canada, the U.S. does not have a comparable worth law. But now the pressure to achieve comparability in job worth has begun.

So, how should an employer integrate these concepts to improve their pay program, satisfy state and federal laws, and prepare for threatened changes to long-established pay program concepts and policies, like transparency and comparable worth?  This program will identify realistic strategies to achieve this.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how pay laws are changing in several states;
  • Discover how to build pay ranges matched to the marketplace, and why employers should use them (for example, pay ranges are market guides that improve pay management and administration.);
  • Learn new ways to link the notions of comparable worth to traditional job evaluation job methods. The suggested approach will also aid in the effort to improve gender-based pay equity;
  • Uncover innovative ways to integrate the notion of competencies;
  • Identify a new approach for supporting the importance and use of competencies in your company via “competency-based job evaluations,” and how competencies become your “compensable factors;” and
  • Understand how competencies can also be helpful for improving skill-based pay programs. 
  • Compile ideas for making changes that address mounting societal pressures that affect pay.  

About Your Presenter

David WudykaDavid Wudyka
Managing Principal and Founder
Westminster Associates

David Wudyka, MBA, BSIE, is Managing Principal and Founder of Westminster Associates, manages and oversees all company operations, including the design, development, and implementation of all client HR programs. With more than 30 years of professional HR experience, he has a strong interest today in the increasingly emerging role of the HR department as a strategic partner, employee retention strategies, and group incentive plans. Mr. Wudyka was one of the first 200 people in the United States to be certified in the field of Compensation by the former American Compensation Association. He also teaches the SHRM Certification Program at Bryant University and is on the Adjunct Faculty at UMass Boston.

Credit Information

Credits for this program expired on 12/31/21.