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Microsoft® Complete Training Library

Microsoft® Complete Training Library

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Microsoft® Complete Training Library

Bigger Brains   TrainingToday

Web-Based Training Courses for Supervisors and Employees: Professionally Developed, Up to Date, Engaging, and Ready to Use!

As technology continues to evolve, employers are searching for ways to stay on top of the latest trends in order to keep their organizations competitive and moving forward.

One of the most-used office technology product providers is Microsoft, which includes everything from Outlook, Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and more. Outlook alone has more than 400 million active users.

In order to get the most out of Microsoft’s software products, TrainingToday® is teaming up with the technology training experts at Bigger Brains® to bring you Microsoft Office training. 

Microsoft Complete Courses include:

  • Mastering Word – 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Mastering Excel – 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Mastering Excel 2016 Intermediate
  • Mastering PowerPoint – 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Mastering PowerPoint 2016 Basics
  • Mastering Outlook (2013, also covers 2010)
  • Mastering Outlook 2016 Basic
  • Mastering Outlook 2016 Advanced
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 and 10 Complete
  • Mastering Access 2013
  • Office 365 Complete
  • Office 365 Essential 2016
  • Mastering Office 365 2016
  • Intro to SharePoint
  • Microsoft Lync Complete
  • Power Up PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Sway Complete
  • OneDrive Complete
  • What’s New in Office 2016
  • What’s New in Word 2013
  • What’s New in PowerPoint 2013
  • What’s New in Excel 2013
  • And More!


With over 60 hours of video training, the Microsoft Complete library will allow you to not only brush up on the basics but get more in-depth knowledge of the core Microsoft Office products. 

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Aren’t looking for something so robust? Check out our Microsoft Essentials Library.

Course Listing

  • Mastering Word – 2010, 2013, 2016: Hands-down the most powerful document creation tool on the planet.  Used by millions of people each day, very few know how to use it properly. In this comprehensive course produced by Microsoft®Certified Trainer Christina Tankersley we’ll show you everything you need to know to harness the power of Microsoft Word.
  • Mastering Excel® – 2010, 2013, 2016: If you learn to use Excel, you will start to see how useful it is in your life -- from formatting your grocery list to calculating complex ROI values. Of course, you may have a rudimentary knowledge of how Excel works, but if you want to learn to get the most of it, then take this course. Let our Microsoft Certified Trainers Barbara Evers and Christina Tankersley walk you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Microsoft Excel.
  • Mastering PowerPoint® -2010, 2013, 2016: Have you seen someone deliver a PowerPoint presentation that was really well done? Do you remember the difference it made -- not only in helping you understand the content, but the way it made you feel about the presenter? This course will show you how to turn lackluster presentations into something that is visually stimulating and works to keep your audience engaged.
  • Mastering Outlook - 2010, 2013, 2016: Few things have greater impact on your productivity than the way you employ Outlook. From setting up filers, folders, message tracking, and flagging, it’s all in this course. Mastering Outlook teaches you how to make the leap from being a mere user to an Outlook master.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 and 10 Complete:  When Microsoft released Windows 8, they surprised a lot of PC owners. The interface and basic functionality were different from any previous Windows operating system.  Windows 10 combines the best features of Windows 8 with a more traditional navigation structure and layout, plus some new modern benefits. Take our Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8 courses to learn more about how you can use it most effectively.
  • Mastering Access 2013: Microsoft Access lets ordinary users develop powerful apps customized for their business needs.  The new Access 2013 even lets you build web-based apps which anyone can use.
  • Mastering Office 365 2016: Office 365 is far more than classic Microsoft Office. Easy, collaborative tools like OneDrive, Groups, Planner, and FindTime combine with traditional Microsoft apps to form a powerful productivity-boosting tool – and in this course we’ll show you how to tap into all the power Office 365 has to offer!
  • Office 365 Complete: Office 365 is not your traditional, on-premise based professional suite. With Office 365, Microsoft made a strong move to remain vital to business professionals in a rapidly changing, hyper-mobile economy. For years there was a disconnect between the world’s most popular desktop suite (Microsoft Office) and the rapid shift to mobile computing. Office 365 effectively bridges the gap, providing the familiar tools you depend on with a modern, cloud-based environment for sharing and collaboration.
  • Intro to SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint has been called one of the most powerful tools for business collaboration. Steve Ballmer once said that SharePoint “unleashes a suite of capabilities that dramatically improves the way people work”. But what does SharePoint actually do, and how do people and businesses actually use it?
  • Microsoft Lync Essentials: In olden times, workers would meet up around the watercooler to catch up with each other’s progress and share information. Microsoft Lync aims to recreate this casual collaboration atmosphere through an array of easy, high-tech features. This course will give you the skills and confidence to use Lync’s communication, collaboration, and sharing features to stay in touch with clients and coworkers and get more done.
  • Power Up PowerPoint: Knowing how to create a PowerPoint slide is one thing. Knowing how to create an effective slide is something all together different! As Roger Courville, author of The Virtual Presenters says, "PowerPoint doesn’t teach you to do effective slides anymore than Microsoft Word teaches you how to be a good writer." But this course will! During Power Up PowerPoint, you’ll see and experience how creating effective slides will improve your presentations.
  • Microsoft Sway Essentials: Microsoft Sway lets ordinary users develop powerful apps customized for their business needs. The new Access 2013 even lets you build web-based apps which anyone can use.
  • OneDrive Essentials  Both OneDrive (the free, personal version) and OneDrive for Business (the corporate version included in most Office 365 plans) have the same mission: To let you easily access your documents and files from any device, anytime, and securely share them with others.
  • What’s New in Office 2016 Learn how Office 2016 makes it easier than ever to save your work to the cloud, share and collaborate with others, and produce professional documents. Microsoft Office 2016 is an evolutionary improvement that refines dozens of features and adds a few new tricks too.
  • What’s New in Word 2013: Collaborating, reviewing, and commenting on documents just became easier. Access to documents, especially considering the hyper-mobile business environment, requires more accessibility options than ever before. Word 2013 is sure to have a significant impact on the way you use your Word processing application.
  • What’s New in PowerPoint 2013: After years of development and improvements Microsoft released PowerPoint 2013: a new version that’s more powerful, and filled with new features and options. This course is perfect for PowerPoint users who want to sharpen their presentation skills.
  • What’s New in Excel 2013: This course includes eight easy-to-understand modules that show how to take advantage of the new tools that are designed to make Excel 2013 more accessible to new users, and increase the usefulness of savvy users alike. Take this course and you’ll agree: Excel 2013 is destined to change the way people make use of spreadsheets!
  • Skype for Business Essentials: Chat, call, and video-conference with ease using Microsoft's business communication app! Skype for Business is an incredibly powerful communications tool, used for everything from simple chat conversations to webinars for 10,0000 people, and can even replace a business’phone system.
  • Office 365 Group Essentials: Microsoft Office has no shortage of ways for groups to work together. From simple spreadsheet sharing to social media tools like Yammer and Delve and collaboration platforms like SharePoint, Microsoft has provided plenty of tools to help people work as a team. One of the newest tools is also the most powerful: Office 365 Groups. The Groups feature is built into Microsoft Outlook, the Office 365 web interface, and its own Groups mobile app.
  • Office 365 Planner Essentials: The new Planner tool in Office 365 is a powerful team management tool, providing features comparable to standalone project management apps but without the high price tag. In fact, it's included free with most Office 365 Business plans.

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