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New year, new handbook: 2024 trends and updates

New year, new handbook: 2024 trends and updates

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Join BLR Senior Legal Content Editor, Colette Labate, for an information-packed, 20-minute webinar providing valuable information on best practices for putting together employee handbooks and preparing for 2024 updates.
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New year, new handbook: 2024 trends and updates

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Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended to develop a well-crafted employee manual to protect the rights of both employees and organizations. This manual should address rules, laws, expectations, etiquette, benefits, and other important workplace guidelines.

Join Colette Labate, J.D., M.B.A., P.H.R., BLR Senior Legal Content Editor, for a 20-minute on-demand webinar. Colette will provide valuable insights on recent trends that are likely to continue in 2024 and impact handbooks. This includes topics such as marijuana and other drugs in the workplace, expanding protected categories, new leave laws, and the use of artificial intelligence.

During this webinar, you will gain knowledge on:

  •   The advantages of having a well-prepared handbook and the significance of keeping it updated and compliant with legal requirements.
  •   Key elements that should be included in an employee handbook and the importance of adhering to the policies outlined.
  •   Current trends and considerations regarding marijuana and other drugs in the workplace.
  •   The expansion of leave programs in various states and municipalities.
  •   Potential risks and considerations associated with the implementation of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

About Trends in 20
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New year, new handbook: 2024 trends and updates

About the Speaker

Colette Labate, J.D., M.B.A., P.H.R. Senior Legal EditorColette Labate Senior Legal Content Editor J.D., M.B.A, P.H.R., Colette has worked in legal publishing for over 20 years, since graduating from Drake Law School Order of the Coif in 1999. She later obtained an M.B.A. in Management and Marketing from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs while managing large legal content development teams.

She writes and edits in employee handbooks, hiring, telecommuting, background checks, references, and pre-employment inquiries, among others. She also manages the BLR Employee Handbook Builder, a completely browser-based system that allows users to build, access, and update state-specific employee handbooks.