Master Coach Certification

Master Coach Certification

Product Code: BPCCERT

The Bluepoint Master Coach Program is designed to equip HRD/OD professionals, experienced managers and select individual contributors with the knowledge, methodologies and expertise required to coach at a high level.

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Master Coach Certification

Investing in the training and certification of internal Master Coaches provides significant benefits to the organization

The Bluepoint Master Coach Certification Program is designed to equip internal corporate coaches with the advanced coaching skills and expertise to significantly add value to their employer. The robust format and syllabus is practically designed to be accessible from both a time and financial perspective.

Please note:

Bluepoint’s Master Coach Certification Program is available to organizations with groups of 6+ participants. The program is not currently available to individual leaders.

Certification as a Bluepoint Master Coach requires participants to complete the following ten steps:

  • 1. The Leader as Coach workshop
  • 2. Personal Planning and Commitments
  • 3. Literature Research, Review and Application
  • 4. Coaching Assignments
  • 5. Coaching on Coaching