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Managing an HR Department of One - Binder Version

Managing an HR Department of One - Binder Version

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Managing an HR Department of One - Binder Version

New to HR? You’re not alone!

Congratulations. You have been assigned to one of the most critical functions in your company. You are now responsible for the people-oriented policies and procedures in your organization. In many ways the future success of your company lies with you.

How do you execute mission-critical Human Resources tasks all by yourself?

BLR’s Solution: The step-by-step guide for both seasoned and new HR department sole practitioners, with clear guidance and useful instructions for energizing and engaging your workforce, and avoiding potentially expensive employment law violations.


Faced with managing Human Resources without a staff to help? With BLR’s Managing an HR Department of One at your fingertips, you’re never alone. You get essential tips, tools, and techniques you need to hire, evaluate, train, pay, discipline, and much more. Plus, you’ll learn how to make the HR function a key strategic contributor in furthering your organization’s goals and mission, and someone other executives turn to for advice and input. 

Full Product Details

This 286 page practical HR management handbook for the solo practitioner gives you the guidance and tools to run your HR department effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re the person new to HR or an HR manager in a solo environment, it will help you perform your HR function with the best of the them.

Helps align HR with your company’s goals, build credibility and influence, understand HR ethics, cope with management expectations, learn effective staffing strategies, and use HR metrics to prove your contributions.

Practical chapters show you how to get big HR performance with a limited staff:

  • Chapter 1: Going it Solo
    • Learn the first steps to take as a new or solo HR professional, how to build your skill set, how to understand your organization and what your CEO really wants to know.
    • Special feature: “Seasoned in HR but New to a Small HR Department?”
  • Chapter 2: Strategic HR Planning
    • Review critical skills such as prioritization skills, communication methods, budgeting, recruiting/hiring, leadership, team building, performance management, problem solving and audit recommendations.
    • Learn how to manage your benefits and compensation plan
    • Sections Outsourcing, technology, professional development and more!
  • Chapter 3: Your Legal Responsibilities
    • Overview of compliance, federal and state issues, and best practices
    • Learn requirements and recommendations on posting requirements, hiring/firing, privacy, employee handbooks, sexual harassment rules, and maintaining a safe workplace.
  • Chapter 4: Training for Organizational Excellence  
    • You get nine steps to effective training, training preparation, topics for training, documentation, evaluating effectiveness
    • Learn how to train new employees, supervisors, and how to provide training ROI
  • Prewritten forms, policies, and HR checklists
    • Carefully developed templates save you time and money

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Product Updates

The following are highlights of what’s new in Managing an HR Department of One for 2020:

  • All forms, policies, links, and legal analysis fully updated for 2020
  • Updated! All sections relating to employee pay updated to reflect changes coming with new overtime regulation effective Jan. 1, 2020.
  • Updated! Information on Affordable Care Act requirements, including ongoing changes surrounding tax credits for small employers, the ban on lifetime limits and restriction on annual limits, and HIPAA considerations.
  • Updated! The Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics policy has been expanded to reflect best practices and acceptable behavior, and the sample Dress Code/Personal Appearance policy has been updated to cover a broad range of issues.
  • Updated! Maintaining a Safe Workplace section reflects current best practices as well as changing employment laws.
  • Updated glossary of terms and list of important acronyms
  • Updated information relating to National Labor Relations Act protections for non-union employees