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Leading Change

Leading Change

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Leading Change Facilitator Kit
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Leading Change Participant Kit
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Bluepoint Leadership Development

Leading Change

Part of the Leadership Express Series

In this intense study of how leaders can accelerate and sustain planned change, participants will be introduced to the powerful Leading Change Model and its three major leadership practices: Create Direction, Accelerate Mastery and Coach Others. They will gain a deeper appreciation for the change process and the leader’s critical role in making the process an ultimately positive experience for themselves and the members of their team.

Leading Change Facilitator Kit

Leading Change Participant Kit

What's Included:

  • Sample Participant Kit
  • Facilitator Guide
  • PowerPoint® slide deck

Price: $110

What's Included:

  • Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • The Leading Change Self Assessment (10)
  • Workshop Prework (10 copies)

Price: $825

Bluepoint Leadership Development

The Complete Leadership Express Series

This series includes short, engaging workshops during which participants focus on developing the real-world skills, best practices, and use-them-now tools they need to become more effective leaders.

These 90- to 120-minute workshops provide more than just a quick overview. Participants learn critical leadership concepts that they can put to use immediately in experiential exercises. By quickly using these new skills, participants are able to not just learn but also retain advanced leadership principles and practical skills.

These workshops can be delivered by internal trainers using the Facilitator Guides. The materials can be purchased as a complete series of 15 workshops or as stand-alone sessions


The Complete Leadership Express Facilitator Kit

The Complete Leadership Express Participant Kit

What's Included:

  • A Leadership Legacy Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • Authenticity and Leadership Today Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • Building Leadership Connections Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • Creating a Distinctive Leadership Brand Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • Crafting A Leadership Story Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • Excellence in Execution Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • Impact & Influence Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • The Leader as Teacher Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • Leading Change Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • Leading High Performance Teams Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • The Powerful Coaching Conversation Facilitator Guide (Part 1) (1 guide)
  • The Powerful Coaching Conversation Facilitator Guide (Part 2) (1 guide)
  • The Leader Within Facilitator Guide (1 guide)
  • EQ: Understanding Myself & Connecting With Others Facilitator Kit (1 guide)
  • Authenticity @ Work Facilitator Kit (1 guide)
  • Complete Leadership Express Series Facilitator Pack

Price: $1430

What's Included:

  • A Leadership Legacy Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • Authenticity and Leadership Today Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • Building Leadership Connections Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • Creating a Distinctive Leadership Brand Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • Crafting A Leadership Story Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • Excellence in Execution Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • Impact & Influence Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • The Leader as Teacher Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • Leading Change Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • Leading High Performance Teams Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • The Powerful Coaching Conversation Participant Guide (Part 1) (10 guides)
  • The Powerful Coaching Conversation Participant Guide (Part 2) (10 guides)
  • The Leader Within Participant Guide (10 guides)
  • EQ: Understanding Myself & Connecting With Others Participant Kit (10 guides)
  • Authenticity @ Work Participant Kit (10 guides)
  • Complete Leadership Express Series Participant Pack

Price: $10,725

Workshops in the complete series include: