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Job Description Manager

Job Description Manager

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Job Description Manager

Job descriptions aren’t merely lists of qualifications and duties. To the contrary, they are active documents that help you determine who you will hire and how you will evaluate and compensate the people who will eventually fill those jobs.

We can help you navigate this process with the Job Descriptions Manager. This helpful tool provides you with more than 1,000+ job titles to make your work easier. It’s customizable to fit your specific needs and accessible 24/7 from any computer, anywhere. You can even store your job descriptions online for easy access and updating—your latest copy is just clicks away. Download and print or even e-mail your job descriptions—the choice is completely yours.

In just one click, you can produce a standardized job description. You can:

  • Include relevant tasks, behaviors, and physical requirements for that job.
  • Add, edit, delete, or reorganize easily and quickly.
  • Create your own personal job description library.
  • Produce PDFs and printed versions with a click of your mouse.

Finding, customizing, and approving job descriptions has never been easier!

Job description Manager also features team approvals:

  • Define your team, including multiple reviewers and approvers
  • Ensure efficient communication, and a smooth-running process through email notifications
  • Streamline changes with the ability to edit with your team directly in the Job Description Manager
  • Gain quick status updates with date/time stamp updates

Also available as part of an HR Hero subscription!

Job Descriptions Manager

Finding and customizing, and approving job descriptions has never been easier!

Easily edit job descriptions using our custom online editing tool, or upload your own. Store your customized job descriptions right in the cloud-based tool.

Job Descriptions Manager

Also included is the ability to setup approval processes, with a clear dashboard to track the status of all Job Description approvals.

Job Descriptions Manager