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Job Description Manager

Job Description Manager

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Job Description Manager

Are you looking to foster growth within your organization? BLR’s Job Description Manager tool provides HR professionals, managers, and recruiters with the ability to optimize and streamline your organization’s job description management. Perfect for small to medium sized companies, the Job Description Manager tool will help save you time, enhance collaboration, and improve recruitment effectiveness.

Effortless job description management

  • Increase efficiency and productivity in creating and maintaining job descriptions.
  • Improve accuracy and compliance with labor laws and regulations.
  • Streamline recruitment process and provide opportunities for growth by attracting qualified candidates.
  • Enhance clarity and alignment between job descriptions and actual job responsibilities, leading to higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover rates.
  • Mitigate legal risks and potential fines by ensuring job descriptions are ADA compliant and meet pay transparency requirements.
  • Transition to paperless, keeping all of your job descriptions in one place, ready to be seen by anyone on your team.

Streamline, comply, and collaborate

  • Streamlines job description management processes with a template for any kind of job, saving time and effort.
  • Enhances compliance by ensuring job descriptions adhere to labor laws and regulations.
  • Facilitates collaboration among stakeholders by allowing others to view, edit, and approve job descriptions you’re working on.
  • Customization of job descriptions with company logos, additional fields, and location-specific tweaks.
  • Provides transparency in the approval process, tracking who approved what and maintaining an audit trail.


We help you excel

With BLR’s Job Description Manager, you’ll have expertly curated job descriptions vetted by our HR team, ensuring high-quality and comprehensive content for top talent candidates. Ensure compliance, foster rapid growth, and ensure employee satisfaction and retention

Also available as part of an HR Hero subscription.

Job Descriptions Manager

Finding and customizing, and approving job descriptions has never been easier!

Easily search, edit, customize, export, and save job descriptions using our intuitive platform. Job descriptions are sourced from experienced HR experts as well as the U.S. Department of Labor's O*NET™ database to ensure EEOC and ADA compliance.Job Descriptions Manager

Access a high-level view of the approval status of your organization's jobs. Send job descriptions to hiring admins for approval and receive email notifications when your job descriptions have been approved, need changes, or are rejected.

Job Descriptions Manager


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