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Interviewing Skills Training for Supervisors and Managers: Prepare Them with Skills to Remove Bias - On-Demand

Interviewing Skills Training for Supervisors and Managers: Prepare Them with Skills to Remove Bias - On-Demand

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Interviewing Skills Training for Supervisors and Managers: Prepare Them with Skills to Remove Bias - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to train supervisors and managers to effectively interview job candidates by setting the stage on how to remove bias and make better hiring decisions.

It’s not unusual to find that many HR professionals lack confidence in the supervisors or managers in their organization when it comes to interviewing prospective employees. Equipping managers, supervisors and selection committees with tools to improve the interview and selection process will ensure that the best candidates get hired.

Oftentimes, a manager feels the need to fill a vacant position as soon as possible by quickly going through the process by glancing at resumes; asking rote questions, and selecting a candidate based upon the manager’s personal feelings or biases. The manager may seek to find something in the candidate’s responses, resume, or background that matches the manager’s life experiences (education, schooling, area of the country the applicant resides, etc.)  As a result, implicit bias may have a subtle effect and negative impact in the hiring process.

HR can help by providing training, leading discussions, and facilitating case studies which can greatly enhance the interviewing process. HR can also create its own standard processes, and even provide templates and other resources to follow in the interview. 

Find out more about how to train your managers to interview skillfully. Attend our in-depth on-demand webinar on how to train supervisors and managers to remove bias from interviewing. You’ll come away with a plan to equip your managers with the tools they need to make the best decisions on hiring.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase awareness of the natural tendency toward unconscious bias and the impact on hiring
  • Discuss factors about a person that can influence our perceptions about them
  • Identify strategies to increase cultural competency and inclusive excellence in hiring
  • Identify application and selection best practices to share with supervisors and managers
  • Encourage your managers to create a hiring plan and identify ways to outsmart biases
  • Discuss opportunities for managers and hiring teams to create a welcoming applicant experience
  • Prepare selection interview teams with tools they need to create a fair assessment process
  • Clarify questions the interviewer should be asking in the interview
  • Set the stage to demonstrate the interviewee’s strengths
  • And much more!

And, as a bonus for attending, a sample interview rating matrix and interview questions!

About Your Presenter

Jerri MizrahiJerri Mizrahi
Learning & Organizational Development Manager
Boise State University

Jerri Mizrahi is the Learning & Organizational Development Manager at Boise State University. She provides coaching, counseling, and organizational development and design services. She also serves as a transformational coach in a private practice and organizational consultant with over 25 years’ experience.

She has developed and facilitated multiple programs, specializing in communication, strategic planning, organizational development, work group consultation, and team-intervention.  Some of her clients include: NWCG (National Wildfire Coordinating Group); NWCG (National Wildfire Coordinating Group); State of Idaho Disability Determinations Services; Keynetics; University of Hawaii – LTAP Program; University of Connecticut – T2 Program, University of Nebraska, Aviation Specialties Unlimited; PKG User Interface Solutions, Inc.; State of Idaho Professional Technical  Education; Idaho Department of Agriculture; Idaho Department of Environmental Services; St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center – Breast Care Center; and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Mizrahi’s personal mission is to partner with others to create organizational and personal transformation where individuals and organizations grow, and break patterns that no longer serve their best interest.  She is passionate about working with organizations to paint a vision for the organization, create cultural change and strategic alignment, authentic and empowering communication, and interpersonal skills to build effective working relationships and create possibilities for employees and organizations