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Incident Tracker

Incident Tracker

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The longer you subscribe, the more you save!
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Incident Tracker

Simplify Your Required OSHA Recordkeeping with BLR’s Incident Tracker

Manage your company’s incidents, corrective actions, and required OSHA 300, 300a, and 301 Logs with one easy-to-use application.

To have a proactive safety program, you need to properly analyze incidents. Compliance with OSHA regulations is not enough—to improve your safety culture you need to understand the bigger picture.

BLR’s Web-based Incident Tracker will keep you in compliance and save you time, making paper logs and Excel a thing of the past. It’ll track your company’s incidents and corrective actions and provide you with a dashboard view of what is happening at your company. This time-saving tool will help you build a safety culture that prevents future injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. You’ll get status updates on your recorded incidents via e-mail notifications, too.

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Easy to Use
Entering incidents is as easy as filling out a short form—the application does the rest! Upload your employees, locations, and incidents for a quick and easy way to enter your company’s information and start using the tool.

Designed to be the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace, even the smallest budgets can afford BLR’s Incident Tracker.
The longer you subscribe, the more you save!

  • 12 months - $240 per year per location 
  • 24 months - $228  per year per location
  • 36 months - $204 per year per location
  • NOTE: Contact Customer Service at 800-727-5257 for more details on pricing options.


Make your workplace safer by tracking incidents and corrective actions on the go. Identify the hidden and preventable hazards that threaten your workers as soon as you see them. The interface allows you to enter a new case from anywhere in your facility, making your data as accurate as possible.

Streamlined Access with
For subscribers, compliance with OSHA’s recordkeeping regulation couldn’t be easier to manage. With one login, you can find out if your incident is recordable and if it is, add incidents, generate the OSHA 300 log, and create effective training meetings to prevent future incidents—all from one website.

Product Features

  • Tracks incidents, corrective actions, and state-specific workers’ comp claim data on one easy-to-use dashboard
  • E-mails updates on incident status 
  • Generates the required OSHA 300, 300a, and 301 forms
  • Easy uploading of worker information
  • Available on your mobile device

Improve Your Safety Culture
Your company depends on you to lead them to create an environment with zero incidents. To do that you need tools. BLR’s Incident Tracker can help you by:

  • Reducing inconsistency and risk
  • Improving accuracy of required OSHA documents
  • Ensuring OSHA compliance with 29 CFR 1904
  • Being accessible anywhere, anytime

What Makes Us Different
BLR is the leading provider of environmental, health, and safety compliance solutions. Safety professionals know that they can count on BLR’s industry-leading compliance and training solutions to keep them out of legal trouble, avoid fines, and save money. BLR offers solutions for business owners, executives, employees, and managers for all-sized organizations and industries. Simply put, anyone worried about how their local state agency or national DOL, OSHA, and EPA legal requirements impact their organization can benefit from BLR.

Questions? Contact Customer Service at 800-727-5257 to learn more about this robust, web-based product.