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How HR Can Step Up in a Time of Crisis - On-Demand

How HR Can Step Up in a Time of Crisis - On-Demand

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How HR Can Step Up in a Time of Crisis - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: In this dynamic and fast-moving program, attorney, HR expert, and executive coach, Don Phin, will show us what we can do, and how to act strategically.

These are challenging times, and it is more important than ever to step up as an HR leader. Even if you never thought of yourself as a leader before!

There are certain things we must do in a crisis, but equally important is that we “show up” right while doing them. We want to be a non-anxious presence in a hyper-anxious world.

We will briefly discuss return to work compliance concerns, but most of the program will be devoted to emotional intelligence, strategy, and creativity.

In this presentation, Don will give us an understanding of how HR can help bring order to the chaos. Specifically:

  • Using Responsibility and Grace as your guiding light.
  • The difference between being responsible for and to people.
  • Making sure you get the return to work right.
  • Moving from expectations to agreements.
  • Acknowledging victimology, including our own.
  • How to coax, encourage, and inspire yourself and others.
  • The opportunity for creativity.

Attendees of this program also receive a copy of Phin's article "How HR Can Step Up in a Time of Crisis.”

About Your Presenter

Don Phin

Don is an attorney and has presented to dozens of HR groups, created HR training programs including GreatHR, and wrote the book The Truth About HR and You.  He has also presented to CEO and other executive groups over 600 times. Don built and sold HRThatWorks to ThinkHR in 2014. He currently acts as an advisor to Employee Confidential, an employee reporting program. 

He is an attorney, risk management expert, executive coach, and speaker on managing our emotions. Over the years, Don has been brought into many chaotic scenarios to investigate, provide guidance, and develop creative solutions.