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THRIVE HR Strategic Playbook: From Matures to Millennials

THRIVE HR Strategic Playbook: From Matures to Millennials - Download

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THRIVE HR Strategic Playbook: From Matures to Millennials - Download

Effectively Managing Multiple Generations at Work

Jennifer Carsen, JD

In the past few years, there has been a lot of press given to Generation Y—the so-called Millennials. However, the workplace is about so much more than just figuring out who the Millennials are; it’s about how all of your workers from a multitude of generations interact. Many businesses have four distinct generations working under the same roof, each with their own idiosyncrasies. How do they all interact? How do you reconcile their potentially differing goals, training, education, and mentalities?

This downloadable playbook provides HR with practical guidance on everything from how to handle teams composed of multiple generations, to negotiating potential difficulties when Millennials are managing teams with Xers, Boomers, and Matures on board.

Some of the new content included in this updated edition includes:

  • An expanded section on Generation X in the workplace, including management tips, retirement plans, and giving them options.
  • A deep look into all things technological when it comes to multiple generations. This includes case studies, recruiting and training tips, and information on social media.
  • A new chapter on how inappropriate use of technology across the generations can be mitigated, a critical topic that grows more important with each step forward into our digital futures
  • An expanded look at what we might expect from Generation Z, which is on the precipice of entering the workforce.
  • And so much more!

Dive into this book and gain some understanding when it comes to having multiple generations in the workplace. 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Growing Pains in the Modern Workplace
    • From Matures to Millennials
  • Chapter 1: Generational Diversity in the Workplace: An Overview
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • Four Generations Comprising Today’s Workforce
    • The Matures
    • The Baby Boomers
    • Generation X
    • The Millennials
    • Values and Attitudes of the Different Generations
    • What are the Generations’ Big Concerns at Work?
    • The Changing Workforce
    • Different Generations Mean Different Workplace Dynamics
  • Chapter 2: Talent Management in the Age of the Nonretiring Boomer
    • The Problem in a Nutshell
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • Developing a Strategy for Success
    • Resource Planning vs. Workforce Planning
    • The 6 “B’s” of Creative Talent Management
    • How to Keep HiPos Engaged when Boomers Stay On
    • Boomers in Transition: The Benefits of Partial and Trial Retirement
    • Retirement Transition Options
    • Employer Benefits to Offering Partial or Trial Retirement
    • Employee Benefits of Taking Partial or Trial Retirement
    • Talking about Retirement with Boomers: Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid
    • How to Effectively Address the Needs of an Aging Workforce
  • Chapter 3: Recognize the Challenges Facing Gen X
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • Gen X Characteristics
    • Tips to Engage Gen X
    • The Gen X Sandwich
    • Managing Gen X Absences
    • Planning for Retirement
  • Chapter 4: Meet the Millennials
    • What’s a Millennial?
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • The Conflicting Perceptions of Millennials
    • Challenges Posed by Millennials in the Workplace
    • An Unexpected Addition to Your Workplace: Millennials’ Parents
    • Getting Millennials Aboard and Acclimated
    • Additional Smart Recruiting Strategies
    • Be Widely Inclusive in Your Employee Orientation Programs
    • Tips to Help Millennials Adapt and Thrive
    • What Do Millennials Want at (and from) Work?
    • Millennials and Management
    • Tips for Young Leaders Who Want to Bridge the Generation Gap at Work
    • Creating an Appealing Compensation Package for Millennials and Beyond
  • Chapter 5: Communicating Effectively with an Intergenerational Workforce
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • General Communications
    • Feedback
    • Teamwork
    • Motivation
    • Training and Development
    • Conflict Resolution
  • Chapter 6: Technology and the Generations
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • Recruiting
    • Training
    • Use of Technology in Meetings
    • Workplace Flexibility
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Chapter 7: How to Ward Off Inappropriate Use of Technology Across the Generations
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • Overuse of Social Media
    • ‘Always-On’ Mentality Creates Wellness Issues
    • Legal Considerations
    • Update Your Technology Policies
    • Provide Social Media Security Training
  • Chapter 8: Succession Planning: A Strategy for Meeting Talent Needs over the Long Haul
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • Developing a Succession Plan
    • Notifying Employees
    • Identifying Key Positions and Skills
    • Identifying HiPos
    • Setting Development Goals
    • The Role of Human Resources in Keeping the Plan on Track
    • Retention Strategies
    • Measuring Success
  • Chapter 9: What Every Generations Needs to Thrive at Work
    • The 6 Universal Drivers of Employee Engagement
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • Creating a Flexible Workplace That Works
    • Flexible Workplace Programs Promote Work/Life Balance
    • Legal Considerations When Creating a Flexible Workplace
    • 10 Elements of an Ineffective Performance Management System
  • Chapter 10: A Sneak Preview: Looking Ahead to Gen Z
    • Gen Z Overview
    • From Matures to Millennials
    • A Closer at Managing Gen Z
    • 5 Tips for Success in Managing Gen Z Workers
    • Follow a 5-Step Process When Training Gen Z Workers
    • Be on the Lookout for Perks that Matter to Gen Z
  • Chapter 11: Conclusion: Keeping it all in Balance
    • From Matures to Millennials
  • Appendix A: New Business Bumper Sticker: I Love My Millennials
    • The Enthusiastic Employee Debunks Generational Characteristics
    • The Three-Facto Theory
    • I Love My Millennials; How About You?
  • Appendix B: Customizing Compensation for the Aging (?!) Millennials
    • Customized Tiers Are Crucial, Expert Says
    • 5 Actions You Can Take to Meet Generational Needs
  • Appendix C: Different Generations, Different Expectations
    • Money Matters
    • What Salary Do You Feel You Need to Earn to Be Successful?
    • Defining Success
    • The Ideal Work Environment
  • Appendix D: Tensions among Generations Might Rise
    • From Matures to Millennials
  • Appendix E: Survey Finds Salary, Flexibility, and Perks a Priority for Millennials
    • 5 Unconventional Factors that Attract, Retain Millennial Talent
    • Key Considerations that Drive Millennial Productivity
  • Endnotes