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HR Outlook 2023: Changes and Trends in Employment Laws

HR outlook 2023: changes and trends in employment laws

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While the start of a new year brings excitement and new opportunities, it also brings a new set of employment law changes and trends for HR professionals to stay on top of. This on-demand webinar provides insight into legislative action in 2022 and what it indicates is ahead in the new year and beyond.
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HR outlook 2023: changes and trends in employment laws

Available: On-demand Webinar

As the new year begins, it brings with it a host of employment law changes and trends that HR professionals need to be aware of and stay ahead of. Gain valuable insights from Celeste Duke, SPHR, the BLR Managing Editor, in this comprehensive on-demand webinar. Discover the key topic areas and trends that HR professionals should prioritize for 2023 and beyond.

By watching this webinar, you will gain knowledge on topics including:

  •   Pay equity: States continue to enhance or introduce equal pay laws, with a focus on aspects such as salary history inquiries and pay transparency, reflecting the latest trends.
  •   Leave laws: States are adopting more inclusive definitions of "family" when it comes to family and medical leave, as well as increasing the requirements for both paid and unpaid leave for employers.
  •   Data protection: Certain states are taking steps to safeguard employees' personal data held by employers.
  •   Technology: States are implementing regulations concerning the use of technology in employment, including guidelines for electronic monitoring and the utilization of artificial intelligence in the hiring process.
  •   Cannabis: The expansion of marijuana laws for recreational and medical use continues across states. Moreover, there is growing protection for employees' legal off-duty use of marijuana.
  •   CROWN Act Legislation/Hair discrimination: Over a third of states, along with numerous municipalities, have enacted laws that prohibit discrimination based on specific hair types closely associated with race.

Stay informed and prepared for the evolving landscape of employment laws and trends. Join the webinar to equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate these important areas effectively.

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HR outlook 2023: changes and trends in employment laws

About the Speaker

Celeste Duke, SPHRCeleste Duke, SPHR, oversees BLR’s HR content team as Managing Editor. Celeste understands the existing and emerging needs and challenges of human resources professionals thanks to several years of experience managing, writing, and editing key publications for BLR. Her areas of concentration include diversity & inclusion, workplace trends, and employee training. Before coming to BLR, she was the business editor for The Daily Herald in Columbia, Tennessee. Celeste earned her bachelor’s degree from David Lipscomb University and a master’s from Middle Tennessee State University, where she also taught writing.