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HR Hotline

HR Hotline


BLR's in-house team of HR experts ensures you receive timely and trustworthy information to help you navigate complex compliance issues effectively.
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HR Hotline

Are complicated HR compliance or employment law questions slowing you down? HR Hotline offers busy HR managers like you access to timely guidance and assistance with pressing questions from our in-house team of employment law experts so you can confidently address and make informed decisions on HR challenges.

Navigate complex HR compliance issues with ease

  •   Save time spent researching or engaging legal counsel for HR-related inquiries.
  •   Enhance your HR expertise.
  •   Minimize the possibility of potential violations, fines, and costly suits.
  •   Ensure compliance with complex HR-related laws and regulations.

Expert insights at your fingertips

  •   Easily submit your HR-related questions to our in-house team of legal and HR experts.
  •   Get timely responses broken down into easy-to-understand explanations.
  •   Responses provide clear guidance based on your question, as well as references to applicable laws,      regulations, and other relevant resources.
  •   Submit up to five questions per month, with the option to add additional questions as needed.

HR Hotline provides unparalleled access to the knowledge of our in-house employment law experts. When paired with the in-depth responses and additional references and resources provided, this is a comprehensive and trustworthy compliance resource that you won’t find anywhere else.

Also available as part of an HR Hero subscription.

HR Hero is your go-to resource for HR excellence

Our industry-leading compliance and workflow solutions offers expert legal analysis, insights, training, and resources to reduce the time spent on menial tasks and exhaustive research. HR Hero combines the compliance tools that human resources professionals need into one centralized dashboard.

Subscription Includes:

Employee Handbook Builder

Salary Finder

  • Our easy-to-use employee handbook builder.
  • Fast-read summaries of state and federal requirements across 75+ challenging areas of HR compliance.
  • Efficient job description management for your entire organization.
  • Step-by-step job classification and FLSA audit tool.
  • Salary insights for 2,600+ job titles at the national, state, and local levels.

The benefits don't stop there, as an HR Hero subscriber you'll save countless hours in your workday, and keep expensive attorney fees at bay with access to:

Federal and State Topic Analysis

HR Hotline
  • Detailed federal and state analyses on key employment law topics, updated regularly by our experienced HR experts.
  • Thousands of ready-to-use assets like training modules, checklists, and forms across 400+ topic areas.
  • Answers to your complex HR questions from our HR experts which are reliable, thorough, and easy to understand; with the urgency you need!

All features are on a customizable dashboard, perfect for the solo HR practitioner, or a full HR team.

Contact Sales Support at 1-800-597-6300 or for more information.