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Hiring and Retention Strategies to Support Your DEI Efforts

Hiring and retention strategies to support your DEI efforts

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Watch a BLR 'Trends in 20' on-demand webinar with BLR Managing Editor Celeste Duke, SPHR where she'll discuss tips and best practices for hiring and retention that support your workplace's DEI efforts.
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Hiring and retention strategies to support your DEI efforts

Available: On-Demand Webinar

Discover the advantages of fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By embracing diversity, companies can enjoy benefits such as increased employee productivity and improved bottom line. Workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs go beyond mere compliance-based programs to focus on building a strong organizational commitment to support individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, cultural, and other backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Not only does a diverse and inclusive workforce enhance productivity and ROI, but it also contributes to a positive work environment. A Gartner survey involving 3,500 employees revealed that those working in a fair environment perform at a significantly higher level, reaching 26% higher performance compared to those lacking a fair environment.

Join Celeste Duke, SPHR, the BLR Managing Editor, for a comprehensive on-demand webinar that provides practical tips, best practices, and actionable insights for hiring and retention. These strategies can effectively support your workplace's DEI efforts.

By watching this webinar, you will gain knowledge on topics including:

  • Overlooked candidates and avoiding common hiring mistakes.
  • Programs and policies like equal pay that foster a welcoming and inclusive climate for all employees, ensuring retention of your top talent.
  • The potential negative impact of using artificial intelligence in the hiring process on DEI efforts, along with effective countermeasures to overcome these challenges.

Take the proactive step to enhance your workplace culture and unlock the rewards of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Hiring and retention strategies to support your DEI efforts

About the Speaker

Celeste Duke, SPHRCeleste Duke, SPHR, oversees BLR’s HR content team as Managing Editor. Celeste understands the existing and emerging needs and challenges of human resources professionals thanks to several years of experience managing, writing, and editing key publications for BLR. Her areas of concentration include diversity & inclusion, workplace trends, and employee training. Before coming to BLR, she was the business editor for The Daily Herald in Columbia, Tennessee. Celeste earned her bachelor’s degree from David Lipscomb University and a master’s from Middle Tennessee State University, where she also taught writing.