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Unconscious and Systemic Bias: The Hidden Toll on Workplace Culture, Hiring, Productivity, and Retention - On-Demand

Unconscious and Systemic Bias: The Hidden Toll on Workplace Culture, Hiring, Productivity, and Retention - On-Demand

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Unconscious and Systemic Bias: The Hidden Toll on Workplace Culture, Hiring, Productivity, and Retention - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to create a culture of inclusion to avoid the damage hidden biases can cause to the workplace culture.

Most workplaces now have anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies in place. But hidden bias can nonetheless creep in and damage workplace culture, productivity, and even retention.

What is hidden bias? It is subtle but can reveal itself in different ways, such as: 

  • An interviewer asks different questions of different candidates, depending on their race, age, and gender.   
  • An executive invites a male worker to attend a sporting event while ignoring a female worker who’s sitting right there. 
  • A manager assumes that a young dad won’t be interested in a promotion because he’s too busy with his kids 

These may all seem like little things, but they can add up to create a pervasive (and possibly illegal) culture of bias.

But if hidden bias is, by definition, hidden, how can HR recognize and correct it? Learn how by joining us for an in-depth webinar on-demand.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Identify and address unconscious bias in individuals and in your organizational culture, with an emphasis on business systems and processes 
  • Create a culture of belonging by taking small actions that result in big change 
  • Outline the ways in which an inclusive atmosphere will benefit the organization 
  • Increase awareness of unconscious bias in the recruiting, hiring, and retention process, and learn solutions 
  • Conduct an HR self-audit to uncover hidden biases within the department 
  • Solve problems stemming from individual, organizational, and systemic biases that affect diversity, inclusion, and employees’ sense of belonging 
  • And much more! 

About Your Presenter

Simma LiebermanSimma Lieberman 
The Inclusionist

Simma Lieberman is internationally known as “The Inclusionist,” because she creates inclusive workplaces where employees love to do their best work, and customers love to do business. In 2017. She received the Global Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award from the World Human Resource Development Congress in Mumbai.

Ms. Lieberman works with leaders of organizations who understand that while training in areas of diversity and inclusion is important, sustainable change only occurs when diversity and inclusion are integrated into the business strategy, and are part of the organization’s cultural DNA. She strongly believes that implementing good diversity management and developing cultural intelligence are necessary for organizations to stay relevant and competitive in tomorrow’s markets.

Her unique ability to view organizations through an inclusion lens also enables her to help leaders in organizations uncover employee genius, and leverage their diverse talents and skills at any level.

She has worked with a wide range of organizations that include: Applied Materials, Gulfstream,, Intel, Diageo, Kimpton Hotels, VSP, Boeing, Pillsbury Bakeries and Foodservices, McDonalds, Women’s Foodservice Forum, Oracle, Kaiser Permanente, UC Berkeley, and the US Dept. of Transportation.

She is also a member of two diversity think tanks, a former co-chair of the San Francisco Regional Chapter of Out and Equal, and former board member of the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association. She is past president of the Northern California Chapter of Society for the Advancement of Consulting, 
Publications that have featured her articles and ideas include The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Fast Company, The Economist, Forbes, Black MBA, Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, Insight Into Diversity, Working Mother, Cosmopolitan UK, Human Resource Executive, CEO Refresher and CNN.

She is the co-author, of “Putting Diversity to Work, how to successfully lead a diverse workforce,” the co-author of “The Diversity Calling, Building Diverse Communities One Story at a Time” and the author of “110 Ways to Champion Diversity and Build Inclusion” and “1Stress Management for the Motivated.”

Ms. Lieberman is the host of the radio podcast, “Every Day Conversations on Race for Every Day People.” 

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