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Heat Stress Prevention: Protect Workers & Avoid Citations When the Temperatures Rise - On-Demand

Heat Stress Prevention: Protect Workers & Avoid Citations When the Temperatures Rise - On-Demand

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Heat Stress Prevention: Protect Workers & Avoid Citations When the Temperatures Rise - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn how to protect your workforce from heat stress-related hazards and avoid costly OSHA citations.

In fiscal year 2019, OSHA issued citations for heat stress hazards in more than 2 dozen cases, despite lacking a specific regulation covering heat stress. Several of these cases resulted from tragic preventable fatalities; repeat citations in multiple cases led to six-figure fines.

In state plan states, employers can face even more costly violations and penalties. For example, in California, the state’s heat illness prevention standard is the second most frequently cited year after year, with nearly 1,500 citations and $2 million in fines in 2019 alone. The time to plan and develop a heat stress prevention program to protect workers is before summer’s high temperatures set in. Don’t wait to find out if your plan to protect workers against heat-related illnesses will work. By the time an illness or fatality occurs, it’s too late.

Use this on-demand webinar, led by Raymond Perez, a skilled OSHA attorney with Jackson Lewis, P.C., who will provide guidance on how federal and state safety laws apply to heat stress and an employer’s obligation to take steps to protect workers exposed to hazardous temperatures.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Prepare a written program that complies with applicable standards and provides a solid foundation for a workplace heat stress training program
  • Choose and evaluate work environment controls to prevent heat-related illnesses and provide a safer, more productive work environment
  • Identify personal and environmental risk factors for heat stress
  • Recognize the key elements of a comprehensive heat stress prevention program, including:
    • a work/rest regimen
    • acclimation strategies
    • pre-job screening
    • clothing and PPE
    • employee and supervisor training
    • employee monitoring
    • hydration
    • first aid and emergency procedures

And, as a bonus for attending, you’ll receive BLR’s Toolbox Talk: Working Safely Outdoors/Preventing Heat Stress.

About Your Presenter

Raymond Perez, II, Esq.
Of Counsel
Jackson Lewis P.C.

Raymond “Ray” Perez is Of Counsel in the Atlanta, Georgia, office of Jackson Lewis P.C.  He practices in all areas of labor and employment law with a focus on FLSA/Wage-Hour laws, employment discrimination, immigration matters, unemployment compensation, occupational safety and health (OSHA), affirmative action programs and policies (OFCCP), employment policies and handbooks, personnel and Form I-9 audits, contract issues, federal contractor provisions and responsibilities, litigation in all forums and litigation avoidance and defense management.