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Form I-9 and What Employers Need to Know About Remote Verification

Form I-9 and what employers need to know about remote verification


Join Nancy McDermott J.D., Senior Legal Editor for an information-packed, 20-minute on-demand webinar providing insight into information about Form I-9 and everything employers need to know about remote eligibility verification.
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Form I-9 and what employers need to know about remote verification

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Gain valuable insight into the intricacies of Form I-9 and comprehensive knowledge on remote eligibility verification with Nancy McDermott J.D., Senior Legal Editor, in our dynamic, information-packed, 20-minute on-demand webinar.

Join us as we cover the following crucial topic areas:

  •   Fundamental information about Form I-9
  •   Modifications implemented in the I-9 process in response to COVID-19
  •   Newly released updates to Form I-9
  •   Recent advancements in remote verification protocols
  •   Alternative procedures for E-Verify users
  •   Proposed pilot programs catering to Non-E-Verify users

By watching this webinar, you will have the opportunity to enhance your understanding of Form I-9 regulations, ensuring compliance and efficiency in the remote eligibility verification process.

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Form I-9 and what employers need to know about remote verification

About the Speaker

Nancy McDermott, J.D., Senior Legal EditorNancy McDermott, J.D., Senior Legal Editor has over 20 years experience in legal writing and editing. She has written articles on developing employment law issues, HR (Human Resources) newsletters, new hire documentation, and writes and edits The Personnel Advisor, a human resources employment law reference manual. Ms. McDermott earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and her law degree from Vermont Law School.