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FMLA Abuse Mythbusters: Tips for Employers on Curbing Leave Fraud While Staying Compliant  - On-Demand

FMLA Abuse Mythbusters: Tips for Employers on Curbing Leave Fraud While Staying Compliant - On-Demand

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FMLA Abuse Mythbusters: Tips for Employers on Curbing Leave Fraud While Staying Compliant - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Learn to manage FMLA leave effectively, and to spot possible FMLA abuse, and address issues without stepping into legal minefields.


Suspect some of your employees are abusing their FMLA leave? Don’t fall for the myth that there is nothing an employer can do, especially when you feel there is compelling evidence. Perhaps an employee happens to take frequent (or every) Friday and Monday off for intermittent leave, or an employee can’t get a requested vacation and so takes FMLA time off. Increasingly, social media posts can implicate employees in FMLA abuse, based on when and where a person might have been. Or maybe a coworker complains and turns someone in for FMLA abuse.

Just because someone has FMLA certification doesn’t mean they can’t face consequences when they abuse their leave. Employers should understand FMLA regulations and develop policies within those regulations, such as call-in and attendance policies. 

Employers should also know how to use certification and recertification, and when they can legally question medical professionals to get answers. Communication with the health care provider can help to manage the leave, such as providing the doctor with a list of the employee’s essential job functions, or the dates when the employee has taken intermittent leave to assure that the leave was used correctly.

Employers do have the right to take action when it comes to FMLA abuse. Attend our in-depth on-demand webinar on FMLA mythbusters, and get clarification on how to manage FMLA leave from an experienced employment attorney. You’ll come away knowing your hands are not tied.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Review FMLA regulations to understand what’s expected and what the limits are
  • Make sure the eligibility requirements are clearly spelled out
  • Manage the calculation of FMLA leave increments
  • Implement policies to better manage FMLA and provide alerts to FMLA abuse
  • Establish call-in policies
  • Determine if and when to hire a private investigator
  • Prepare for possible intersections of paid-time-off and ADA or other types of leave requirements
  • Request recertification if circumstances of the original certification have changed
  • And much more!


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Miranda WatkinsMiranda Watkins, Esq.
Fisher Phillips

Miranda Watkins is an attorney at the Fisher Phillips San Diego office. She is passionate about counseling businesses of all sizes on their day-to-day labor and employment issues, offering preventative advice and tools to protect employers.  She also litigates cases on variety of issues, including disability discrimination claims, leaves of absences, wage and hour claims, retaliation and wrongful termination. She represents employers in a range of industries in all areas of labor and employment law.