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Job Classification and FLSA Audit Tool

FLSA Audit Tool

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California Wage and Hour audit
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Job Classification and FLSA Audit Tool

BLR’s Job Classification and FLSA Audit Tool provides step-by-step guidance and detailed reporting to help busy HR professionals simplify their crucial responsibilities, including job classifications, compliance with wage and hour laws, and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) audits.

Streamline FLSA compliance and risk analysis: 

  • Streamline compliance with FLSA standards and wage and hour laws.
  • Eliminate the need for manually categorizing jobs and performing FLSA audits.
  • Minimize the risk of fines, penalties, and legal consequences.
  • Automate risk analysis.
  • Ensure accurate job classifications

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use, step-by-step classification analysis helps ensure accurate job classifications and compliance with federal requirements.
  • Easily perform FLSA audits and generate customized compliance reports based on your results with tailored tips on how to improve compliance.
  • Get insight into your organization's level of risk and specific areas for improvement with automatic risk analysis and risk factor scoring.
  • Real-time updates to reflect current laws and regulations ensure you remain in compliance with the latest changes.

Through an emphasis on comprehensive risk assessment and tailored, actionable guidance, BLR's Job Classification and FLSA Audit tool sets itself apart as a reliable and valuable resource. This solution enables HR professionals to proficiently oversee job classifications, ensure compliance with FLSA regulations, and easily navigate the intricacies of wage and hour legislation, differentiating it from other competitors in the industry.

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About Your Online Subscription

Your subscription to the Job Classification and FLSA Audit tool includes the ability to conduct unlimited audits and employee classification reports, and receive compliance reports throughout a 1-year period. Please contact Sales Support at 1-800-597-6300 or at for more information or to subscribe.

Also available as part of an HR Hero subscription.