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2021 Facilities Management Virtual Master Class: Rethinking Facilities Post-Pandemic - On-Demand

2021 Facilities Management Virtual Master Class: Rethinking Facilities Post-Pandemic - On-Demand

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2021 Facilities Management Virtual Master Class: Rethinking Facilities Post-Pandemic - On-Demand

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Program Length: 4 hours

When the COVID-19 virus started making headlines at the start of 2020, American observers watched as the disease spread throughout the globe and started impacting specific regions of the United States. As the numbers of domestic infections continued to grow, some organizations decided to close their offices and asked staff to work remotely.

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed across the United States, employers and employees alike can breathe a sigh of relief. There is an end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic! But as employers weigh whether to force mandatory vaccination, another issue should be top of mind: how to keep workers safe in the actual work environment.

Returning to business as usual without adequate precautions in place could erase progress in containing the virus and damage employees’ trust. As businesses reopen, social distancing and other preventive measures are more important than ever to prevent a resurgence of cases.

But that’s not all! Employees and customers are both fearful of going back to work. As a facilities manager, you should be updating your emergency preparedness plans and communicating them to your team; this way, you can alleviate anxiety and confusion before welcoming workers back into the office.

Most importantly, while reopening can have numerous moving parts, don’t wait to rethink your emergency preparedness plans. By doing the work now, you can help save lives and ensure business continuity should an incident arise, and what better way to prepare now than by attending our brand-new virtual master class, 2021 Facilities Management Virtual Master Class: Rethinking Facilities Post-Pandemic? You’ll learn about:

  • Steps facility managers must take to prepare now in order to welcome employees back into a safe workplace,
  • Recommended schedules for operating and cleaning in a COVID world,
  • The role technology plays in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and
  • Communicating new COVID-19 protocols to your workforce.

Registrants will have access for 60-days from purchase.

2021 Facilities Management Virtual Master Class: Rethinking Facilities Post-Pandemic - On-Demand


Building Systems, Upgrades, and Upkeep
With facilities across the country slowly reopening, workers are returning to a changed landscape with new procedures and office norms. For facilities managers, COVID-19 has changed the way companies operate and maintain traditional building systems, like HVAC. This means that building managers must review their maintenance operations and adapt them to the realities of the pandemic. This session will illustrate several key strategies for facilities operations and maintenance.

Learn how to:

  • Define operational improvements with existing equipment.
  • Understand the recommended schedules for operating in a COVID world.
  • Use tools for gathering data and determining accuracy of data.

UV Lighting: Does It Work on COVID-19?
In the early days of the pandemic, scientists were trying everything imaginable to destroy the coronavirus. One solution scientists came up with was ultraviolet (UV) light, which has created significant interest in using UV lighting in the workplace. Unfortunately, it has also created a great deal of misinformation, and e-mail inboxes are getting loaded with false claims. This session will delineate the different types of UV lights and how they impact COVID-19 and other germicidal qualities.

You’ll learn:

  • About UV types and germicidal properties,
  • What types of lights are available today in LED, and
  • Examples of misinformation and incomplete marketing.

Safe Openings and Occupancy
Facilities managers are being challenged by COVID-19 rules, recommendations, and guidelines. And because of this, emergency preparedness plans must now accommodate fluctuating or rotating staff, social distancing guidelines, and new office layouts. But there’s another component that’s even more crucial to keep your workforce safe: a proper cleaning schedule.

When was the last time your building had a proper, deep clean? In order to keep workplaces COVID-free, facility managers must now make cleaning facilities a core activity for all buildings.

This session will explore:

  • How to create a consistent cleaning schedule,|
  • Equipment you’ll want to consider to help make the cleaning process easier, and
  • Communication protocols for communicating cleaning schedules.

Recorded Q&A

2021 Facilities Management Virtual Master Class: Rethinking Facilities Post-Pandemic - On-Demand

Your Faculty

E. W. DovelE. W. Dovel is vice president of the public sector for Orion Energy Systems, Inc. He is a facility efficiency expert, focusing on lighting and lighting systems, and has over 20 years of experience. Dovel handles all facets of facility projects, from project development to execution. His extensive client base includes the DoD, USDA, DHS, VA, and many others, including MUSH.

Dovel has a Bachelor of Science from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia, and earned his Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certification in 2009. He is also a Building Operator’s Certification Instructor 1003 and 1006 as certified by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council in 15 states.

Dovel volunteers on several governmental committees, focusing on energy efficiency, and speaks at conferences like the DOE’s Energy Exchange, National Facilities, Maintenance and Technology Conference, World Energy Engineering Conference, APPA, and many others. He has executed over $150 million in energy-efficiency projects, and his clients save in excess of $50 million annually.

2021 Facilities Management Virtual Master Class: Rethinking Facilities Post-Pandemic - On-Demand

Credit Information

Credits for this program expired on 12/31/21.