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EHS Training Materials

Training Materials


Curated and reviewed by our in-house SMEs, our EHS training materials can help you develop a compliant training program and deliver effective blended learning.
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Training Materials

Building training or trying to find quality training materials can be time-consuming. However, keeping up to date on training is essential for maintaining a strong safety culture and meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

With BLR’s comprehensive training materials, you’ll have access to everything you need to deliver effective instructor-led training both in the classroom and in the field. Our expert-made resources, spanning training topics from pesticides to fall protections and more, can help you develop a compliant environment, health, and safety (EHS) training program from start to finish.

Deliver effective training, stay compliant, and promote a strong safety culture with BLR’s training materials library.

Build an effective training program

  • Save time creating compliant training content
  • Cater your training to meet the needs of each employee
  • Comply with OSHA training requirements
  • Keep safety top of mind
  • Drive safety culture

Comprehensive, expert-crafted training materials

  • Ready-to-use environmental and safety training materials, such as PowerPoints, toolbox talks, 7-minute safety meetings, and more
  • Multiple training formats, such as formal classroom training, in-the-field training, and toolbox talks
  • In-house training experts write and review all resources so training content is accurate and optimized for learning
  • Explore “train the trainer” content to ensure employee training is delivered effectively
  • Select training materials, including handouts and quizzes, are available in Spanish

BLR’s multi-format training materials allow for a blended learning experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our integrated delivery options will help ensure training resonates with all learning types so you can engage your employees and fight complacency.

Also available as part of an EHS Hero subscription.

EHS Hero subscription

Best-in-class tools powering today’s EHS teams

EHS Hero®, BLR’s industry-leading environment, health, and safety (EHS) management solution, is the most comprehensive compliance and management tool available on the market. We integrate configurable, easy-to-use workflow management tools with plain-language, expert-made compliance insights to help make your job easier.

Your trusted EHS resource  

Our combination of 45+ years of experience, in-house subject matter experts, and heroic customer service creates a solution you won't find anywhere else.

EHS Hero is a centralized hub for all your EHS needs:

  • Understanding federal and state regulatory requirements
  • Tracking leading and lagging indicators
  • Planning for the future of your organization
  • Relevant and comprehensive training materials
  • Mitigating risk, managing auditing, and optimizing workflows
  • Protecting your workers

Our scalable dashboard is perfect for the solo EHS professional or for a robust EHS team.