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Critical Apps for Workplace Safety: How to Reduce Costs and Boost Training Effectiveness with Mobile Technology - On-Demand

Critical Apps for Workplace Safety: Reduce Costs and Boost Training Effectiveness - On-Demand

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Critical Apps for Workplace Safety: How to Reduce Costs and Boost Training Effectiveness with Mobile Technology - On-Demand

Webinar now available On-Demand.

WEBINAR SNAPSHOT: Mobile applications for EHS training are growing rapidly, which means every EHS professional should know how to navigate the array of apps available and how to best incorporate them into their EHS program. 

Over the last several years there has been an explosion of mobile applications available for EHS professionals. So far, the biggest challenge has been finding the applications that will add maximum value to an organization. This can be tricky due to some applications lacking in substantive value, or being too highly configured to specific users to be readily usable for users as a whole.

However, there are plenty of mobile EHS applications available that can provide quick information, increased efficiency, improved compliance, cost reduction, and accident reduction that a wide range of users are searching for. The key is to know which apps can be used effectively to supplement your safety program, not complicate it, and how to find and successfully implement these cost-effective safety applications.

Use this on-demand webinar when Phil Mole, EHS Expert at VelocityEHS, will show which apps are available specifically for training, auditing and inspections, what safety program areas are the best candidates for apps, as well as how apps can be used to achieve program efficiencies and cost reduction. 

You’ll learn: 

  • The evolution of mobile applications over the last five years, and how the future of mobile technology in the EHS market is likely to unfold 
  • How mobile apps can benefit your organization’s safety program and bottom-line 
  • The technology issues associated with using mobile applications across an organization 
  • That privacy and security issues with the mobile applications you have selected 
  • The EHS program areas where mobile applications have proven to be most successful 
  • Which apps will provide the best payoffs in the area that you’re targeting 

About Your Presenter

Phil MolePhil Mole 
EHS Expert 

Before joining VelocityEHS as an EHS expert, Phil Mole served as Global EHS Coordinator for John Crane Inc., as a Senior Environmental Consultant for Gaia Tech, and Project Manager for Mostardi Platt Environmental. He has a B.S. (Chemistry) and a Master’s in Public Health (MPH). He was a NIOSH traineeship recipient (1995-1997) and is a member of ASSE and NAEM. His certifications include OSHA 30-hour training (2012), and ISO/OHSAS Internal Auditor Training (2012). As an EHS Expert at VelocityEHS, Phil tracks emerging regulatory issues and educates customers and the marketplace on environment, health, safety and sustainability compliance best practices. 

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