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Pricing for is for internal organizational use only for one user and one state plus access to federal information. For custom pricing, additional users/states or to discuss external or third party use, please contact customer service at 800-727-5257. - State and Regional Salary Survey Data, FLSA, Compliance, and HIPAA

Your Challenge: Keep payroll costs under control, from initial offers to incentives and bonuses to standard and performance-based  raise offers  — all without losing your top contributors — and while complying with often-confusing state and federal wage & hour laws.

BLR’s Solution: The comprehensive online management information service for HR and compensation professionals, used by thousands of successful employers to determine market pay rates at the individual job level. 


Finding that sweet spot between paying too much and too little is key to keeping your best people productive and happy without breaking the bank. Trouble is, there’s a lot of questionable data floating around that employees may try to use as leverage in compensation discussions. is your one-stop shop for salary benchmarks, compensation tools, and resources.

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Get reliable salary survey data for national, state and metro areas in just seconds. Whether you need pay rates for an individual job in your state, or pay scales for an entire industry, can help.


This online compensation resource gives you current, reliable information on thousands of job titles and hundreds of industries. You can be confident using this data to benchmark salaries in your organization. Pair the salary information with BLR’s rate ranges, and you have a complete compensation system.

Compliance is a lot easier with, too. Use the Library to get instant answers to complicated FMLA questions.

This easy-to-use online service includes all these features:

  • Salary data on thousands of jobs
    Reliable, accurate pay scales and salary survey data for national, state and metro areas saves you time and money.
  • State and federal compensation laws explained
    Plain-English answers to complex wage and hour regulations save time and expense. Your base subscription includes federal and 1 state. Additional states available for a modest charge.
  • White papers and daily news
    Puts “best practice” guidance and advice at your fingertips.
  • Merit increase budgets from over 1,100 organizations
    Find out what other organizations are budgeting for merit increases as you develop your budget for the upcoming year.
  • Thousands of job descriptions, compensation forms, policies and checklists
    Carefully researched tools save you hours and hours of drudgery.
  • Weekly Ezine
    Breaking news, feature articles and in-depth guidance to keep you ahead of the curve.

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BLR has extremely knowledgeable and helpful consultants...

paragraph startBLR is a great resource as we go through the process of creating our compensation structure. We can use the market data for our specific industry, specific locations and really drill down the positions we are looking to get data points for. In addition, BLR has extremely knowledgeable and helpful consultants who walk you through the entire process. The job grades and comp analyzer have been extremely helpful to me. I do not have heavy compensation experience and have never created compensation models. The BLR tools give me a fairly straightforward process
to do this.paragraph end

Janell Dubsky
Martignetti Companies


“Compensation BLR makes my life easier...”

paragraph startCompensation BLR makes my life easier because I have all the tools I need to make assessments on our current jobs and I receive great guidance from your compensation professional when I do not understand how to apply the information I review.paragraph end

Linka Cabral
Golden Sands GC


“I like having Compensation.BLR at my fingertips.”

paragraph startI like having Compensation.BLR at my fingertips. It makes things easier and is well organized and easy to find things.paragraph end

Kelly Miller
The MacIntosh Company